Flick of the wrist
Let your life
Sneak from your
Streaming into
Dreams are dying
Everyone's lying
About the end
When eyelids flutter
Lungs collapse
With a gentle swoosh
All you have
Are starry skies
In the tranquility of red
In the bareness of white

Arthritic icicles drip
Shaking with your
Pounding on
My door
Again I mistake
I must stand in
Your wake
I spoke against
It all
This fusion
Your obsession
And I imagine
Arthritc icicles
Dripping still
Deadly and
A bloody body
Icing my walk

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A dove in a cage

Suspended in a cage

Soaked in the

Despairing chimes

Of the time-teller

The years have kept her

Disheveled and starved

Entrapment wears the heaviest

Unable to stir her wings

Hopelessness fatigues her

Boring holes in her beating heart

Powerless and weightless

She's naked in the hole

White feathers long gone.

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It came to the surface
For an anguished, choking breath
A ringing scream
Fighting to go down again
Submerge itself to be dangerous
Once more.

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Hate is every color
Sqeezing from our skin
Not just one
But all
Equal but
Drowning each other

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I'm on the
Corner waiting
For the black
Sedan to pick me
Up I've got this
Piece of paper telling
Me this stranger's name
I shiver because it's cold
There's a little girl
At the stop light who
Is in a car with her mom
She smiles at me
An inoccent kindness
As she draws on the foggy glass
With mitten fingers
She won't know why
I stand here for
About ten years or so
So I smile back while
Her mother growls
And drives away

All rights reserved

You swam in my eyes

Under my skin

Dragged me under

Pulled me in

I'm lying at the bottom

Staring at the top

My last creation

Will be a cough

All rights reserved
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