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Sep 10, 2013

I find myself
Before it's too late
Or any kind of late
Here again
Stuck just as the
Sun goes down
It's never too late to
Forget everyone
Forget everything
To forget for a while
A while longer
Eventually the sun goes down
But now it's beautiful
I don't care who sees this
Seize this

Jun 25, 2013

Take what's in and put it out
Would you if you could?
Sure I'd say I'd have some doubt
But not as to if I should

Apr 4, 2013

Learning more
As my age grows
A gap is growing
And it shows
More to me
That no one knows
Pushing me past
Where it goes

Feb 9, 2013

Things will change again
Does not matter when or then
Things have changed again

Jul 11, 2010

if what I want to
met what I do
somewhere in the street

I have no doubt
they'd battle it out
if these two should ever meet

Jul 11, 2010

my mom and my dad
came from a time with times to be had
and that's why I know it's okay
they're old fashioned but I say
to myself they were once equally as bad

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