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I write a lot. I love feedback. My poetry is dark just to give you a heads up.
I write a lot. I love feedback. My poetry is dark just to give you a heads up.
Eternal Lucidity
Oct 5, 2012

You Kick You Scream,
You Love You Dream,
Only ever able to redeem,
Struggling - with the demon deep inside.

Goodbye you say each day,
It always comes back some way,
Are you happy, is this your day?
Do you redeem your demon?

You kick against the barking dog,
The demon deep inside - howling at your soul,
Sometimes - forgetting what makes you whole,
Your memories faded - where is your god?

Remains - what is left is a shadow,
A mere cast away,
Wallowing - deep inside the meadow,
You Are Just Another Forgotten Day.

Are you all that remains?
Has the demon given too much pain?
You go on - feeling as if nothing is left to gain,
Nothing remains.

Always Kicking Always Screaming.
Never loving - never dreaming.
Nothing remains.

Eternal Lucidity
Mar 26, 2011

Left Behind

Once a friend held close,
Now a fiend betrayed,
Alone - isolate, lonely,
No longer a friend held close.

A void once filled,
No longer feeling still,
Each one the same as before,
Each one through the door...

No one held close,
A fiend now made,
No longer the touch of a rose,
Each day, a fiend betrayed...

Two friends, becoming one fiend,
I've given up, holding on no more,
Each time I've leaned,
Each time, they go out through the door...

Eternal Lucidity
Mar 26, 2011

No Name.

Lying next to each other,
No one like the other,
A gentle touch of your arm,
My tears of red fall on blind eyes.

I reached out,
I thought it was going to last,
This time, it went so fast,
Now here I sit, with the emptiness consuming me.

Where ever you go,
I will never be able to forget you,
You say it's not awkward,
Yet I can't say a single word to you.

The feeling of your touch,
Now a distant memory, gone,
Gone, leaving me behind,
For me to pick up my shattered pieces.

I wallow and wallow,
I sink deeper and deeper,
Each day it feels nearer,
Each day I wallow, my life soon to follow...

Eternal Lucidity
Jan 20, 2011

The Perfect Best friend.

A slight touch of your arm,
You know - of no harm,
With each word, each significant,
Each one - remembered.  

An open heart,
Each day, a new start,
Carried on from the past,
Each day, never the last.

So much of our time,
We've threaded the line,
Our friendship - know of no time,
Connected, protected, each time.

The perfect best friend,
Is there such a friend,
I have crossed the bend,
I love my perfect best friend.

Eternal Lucidity
Eternal Lucidity
Jan 18, 2011

A cuddle, a snuggle,
Two bodies, each touching - resting,
Each person, still - feeling the thrill,
Two bodies, frozen in stone.

She kissed him - she drifted,
He touched her - he fell silent,
His eyes, red with passion,
He kissed her, she was gone...

She sighed a quiver of breath,
She fell onto the ground, tears,
He appeared, he made no fear,
She was free, she was his...

Eternal Lucidity
Eternal Lucidity
Jan 18, 2011

Two on the left, two on the right,
The box moved slowly,
Carried, lifelessly through the crowd,
Tears, sobs, they mean nothing,
Crying over a loss, of what should be a gain.

Each person feels pain,
I feel none, the non exsistent pain,
Of a heart already broken,
A mind, already torn.

A body suffered,
An arm scarred,
The left to right line,
Each time, a new line,
Each day, a new time...

The love once had, lost,
The box burried it with her,
The final moments of chance,
Gone, slipping away like grains of sand.

The box lowered slowly,
The last drops of tear shed,
The final respects, paid,
Each mourning, each sobbing...

The rain came,
The red line washed away,
The pain was within, the rain,
Sliding down her face - like a blood soaked tear.
She feels no sorrow, she will not wallow...

Eternal Lucidity.  By the way, this will probably be my hardest poem to ever understand.
Eternal Lucidity
Jan 18, 2011

Words, like shards of glass,
Piercing, ripping, slicing,
Each one tearing an opening,
Each one, cutting you in bed...

Each word brakes the comfort,
Each word, pierces,
Each word, forever remembered,
Each word, hated, hated, more than the last, no more than the first.

Words, like shards of glass,
Words that destroy what they touch,
Words that punish,
Words -- Fuck You.

Eternal Lucidity (Words have more power than our poems will ever reach)
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