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5 days ago

Your So Far Away
Your so far away...It makes me cry
Because your so far away my heart
Feels like it's going to die with out
You by my side .
I think how we would be holding hands
Walking the beach with love in each others eye's
Like the starts that shine at night ,
Your love is like the wind that touch my skin
I can feel it but not see it !
I hold you so close in my heart when I sleep
I think you are right next to me .
Your always in my heart even why you are so far away,
This makes my heart break ,
Your so far away... I just wish you can see me right now,
I cannot touch your hands , I can't hold you , kiss you ,
I cannot feel your breath,
I cannot touch your lips ,or hear your heart beat .
But when we talk on the phone my heart comes alive
All over again .
I can feel you in my heart,
I can see you in my mind,
I can hear you in my ears.
I remember every word you had ever told me ,
You can go so far away...
You can travel to the ends of the earth...
But as long as I have your love...
As long as I have you...
You will always be close.
You hold the key to my heart so never let it go.
As sure as the sun rises , you will see my love in your eye's
And the tides will change, and so will I with time
But my heart will be the same ,
I will always love you,
An you will always be close to my heart where ever you are.

Lilly Emery

6 days ago

My Heart Hurts For You
My heart literally hurts , The pain is deadly
My chest is in pain like someone had cut me
With a knife,
Life without you in my life is like a living hell
No smile on my face ,
And the rain made a home , And the nights are
So cold ,
My world will never be the same without  you in
It ,
I can’t blame you our any other , I just blame myself
For letting you walk out of my world,
I did you wrong by not tell you how I truly feel ,
Now that it’s officially over, I feel sorry for myself ,
My heart is so wounded , And I think about all the
Words you ever told me , I don’t know what to do
Without you ,
We started out in a crazy funny way , As I denied my
Feelings  I was starting to have for you ,
You came to me with a smile on your face ,
You wanted more, with more meaning of love ;
But then I put this love on the run , I was so scared ,
When you tried to be there, I left you without a word ,
I thought you were better than me because I didn't have
All the things you have ,
You are the best man I ever met and I let you go like a bird,
As time went on , I regretted my actions I had made ,
I had got caught up in my insecurities in our love ,
My insecurities stopped me from acting the way my heart
Needed to so I ran from you ,
I carried on, As if I never met you , What a sad thing for me
To do ,I finally got the nerve , To look you in the eye's ,
What beautiful dark eyes you have,
Such a nice looking man you truly are , You shook me inside
And my heart started to sing ,
I tried to mend what I tore down , But the damage was done
I came back too late ,You found someone and my poor heart
Feels so much pain that will not go away ,
I’ll never forget your smile , I’ll never forget your kiss and
The way you held me and told me how much you love me ,
Your presence in my life , Will forever be missed , I love you.

Lilly Emery

7 days ago

My heart cries for you but you will never know it
My heart brakes but you will never hear it
My heart dreams about you but I will never tell you
My heart hungers for your love but that you should
had already known it
But again I will not show it! I will look my very beast
for you just to see what you will do !
I will talk about all the thing lovers would talk about
Oh but you didn't care what my heart feels or you
would had showed it .
Oct 23,2012                                               L­illy Emery

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