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Hello, hello. I've added a poem or two of my own below, as well as some reinterpretations of texts originally written by coco the hello poetry computer. I'd love to hear what you think of Hello Poetry. No, really. eliot@hellopoetry.com @elioty xx Read more
Hello, hello. I've added a poem or two of my own below, as well as some reinterpretations of texts originally written by coco the hello poetry computer. I'd love to hear what you think of Hello Poetry. No, really. eliot@hellopoetry.com @elioty xx Read more
Neon Robinson
Neon Robinson  
⑳ Ỿ ℰ₳ℛ⒮ ⍥ℒⅆ bonafide college student Ϣannabe Ⓢcientist ℋome ⇆ℋawaii From the Big Island if ya visit don't forget to malama that fucka & ...
Kurt Carman
Kurt Carman   (1950 - )
Pictured are fly fishing pals Bob and Daniel. So many fond memories of fishing Yellowstone with my two mates? The inset picture is my son ...
Crissel Famorcan
Crissel Famorcan  
I'm just an Ordinary Girl valued by nobody, Doing arts and journals is just one of my hobby But poetry is what really makes me ...
A Tango
A Tango   (1991 - )
Someone who has a few ramblings, thoughts, scribbles, notes, and unending ellipses...
Beatriz M
Beatriz M  
I write poetry trying to feel less ordinary in a big universe of hidden emotions.
Rebecca Scull
Rebecca Scull   (1995 - )
Only one thing has remained a constant in my life, and that is poetry. Without it, I may never have been able to learn to ...
TK Smalls
TK Smalls   (1982 - )
mental breakdance gymnastics
Zara   (1997 - )
It's over now Your grasp on my hand loosens Your scent lingering as the wind carries you away x
Rekha Nur Alisha
Rekha Nur Alisha   (1996 - )
Major Rity
Major Rity   (1991 - )
just curious
Clem Turner
Clem Turner   (2000 - )
too cool for school/more jaded than me/tell us again/how you don't watch mtv
Nathalie Olegario
Nathalie Olegario  
we become poet when we fall in love
Madison Gill
Madison Gill   (1994 - )
rather like a swan: serene on the surface, paddling like hell beneath Copyright 2017, Madison Gill, All Rights Reserved (obvi)
Mayela   (1998 - )
feelings, just simply written down.
Randolph L Wilson
Randolph L Wilson   (1963 - )
Copyright - 2015 / 2016 / 2017 by Randolph L Wilson *All Rights Reserved "The public diary of Randolph Llewellyn Wilson .. A son of ...
Phil Lindsey
Phil Lindsey   (1954 - )
"For me the private act of writing poetry is songwriting, confessional, diary-keeping, speculation, problem-solving, storytelling, therapy, anger management, craftsmanship, relaxation, concentration, and spiritual adventure all ...
Sumayya Mohamad Qasim
Sumayya Mohamad Qasim   (1996 - )
Some thoughts I decided to poetise. Spiritual. Dreamer. Wanderer. All poems are my own. Unless stated otherwise.
Astre Wynd
Astre Wynd   (1991 - )
Youdont Needthis
Youdont Needthis  
Adelaide Lisk
Adelaide Lisk  
And so being young and dipt in folly, I fell in love with melancholy - Edgar Allen Poe
Hallucinate BoY
Hallucinate BoY   (1987 - )
I'm a biologist in my mind and my academic graduation defines me as a biotechnologist; both these states of mind merged me to be a ...
k a
k a   (1999 - )
queen k.
Shalu Suresh
Shalu Suresh   (1996 - )
Amateur Writer Poet Artist Nature lover Future Doctor
Lesiba Hexon Mphahlele
Lesiba Hexon Mphahlele   (1999 - )
I am a young man with a strong desire to ink my thoughts into poetic essence. Check me out on Facebook,my page name is: Plotting ...
18 // "when someone shows you who they are, believe them; the first time"
marissa jenkins   (2000 - )
I'm 14 and been writing since the 1st grade. I love it and it is an outlet for me. It is who I am. I ...
Max Vale
Max Vale   (2000 - )
~I have nothing to lose~ Soccer Player → Songwriter → Poet
Vivian Alvarado
Vivian Alvarado   (1989 - )
Vivian Alvarado is a project coordinator for the government in a body of a poet. In need of the tang for her soul in a ...
Scarlett Fuentes
Scarlett Fuentes   (1994 - )
Mediocre expression of euphoria and nostalgia.
Jewel M C
Jewel M C   (1994 - )
I'm Jewel. I don't know much, but I do know love is the only that that I'm certain of. 恋の予感 // forelsket twitter.com/mithjerte hideandseekinthedark.tumblr.com galaxygazer.blogspot.com
Outcast Dreamer
Outcast Dreamer   (1998 - )
Something so dark and mysterious... that you would be tempted to find it's secret... but would your dare?? INFP here!~ Love making friends, but of ...
Stefan Michener
Stefan Michener   (1959 - )
Poet (not-for-profit), Prophet (minor), Miner (phosphorous), Philosopher (Foucault), FUCK IT!!, Tourette's sufferer
Martin Palatický
Martin Palatický   (1996 - )
,,Jako Merlin chci se toulat po lesích; Co hromi duní A bouře kvílí Kam blesky pílí Co stromy šeptají když k zemi padají tomu chci ...
Magnus   (1995 - )
This is my truth. Sometimes I can't be explicit about it but on paper it's like I'm standing before the God of the universe trying ...
Terri Josephine
Terri Josephine   (1999 - )
smoke, drink, write. numb the pain.
A Chinese guy who studies in Minsk and may go to Germany soon. Poems are my life :)
Illya Oz
Illya Oz   (2000 - )
"Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!" - Dr. Seuss Oh and BTW ...
Simone Zona Peacocke
Simone Zona Peacocke   (2000 - )
I taste poetry when you kiss me
Payden B Kell
Payden B Kell  
A one armed girl writing about shitty two armed people
Kasey Wheeler
Kasey Wheeler   (2000 - )
Just an awkward girl who's suffers from depression, anxiety, and panic disorder. This is suppose to help me heal....so here I go.
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