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Closet Writer of Stuff. Lover of Photography. Instigator of Nonsense. You'll find me on Instagram too @wordsbydot
Closet Writer of Stuff. Lover of Photography. Instigator of Nonsense. You'll find me on Instagram too @wordsbydot
Jan 10

Polished and serene;
your vocal tones,
they soothe my stereocilia.

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Jan 10

Lazy cares not for sleep,
Contrary to popular belief.
It cares not for the easy life.
Lazy is forever catching up.
Lazy cares not for rest.
Her mind is racing; exhausted.
She hurls herself over the finish line,
EVERY time...
To embrace the other procrastinators.

Jan 10

The draping curtain draws back
revealing a dimly lit set.
The cast scuffle backstage
in their daily quarrel.
I wish their din would cease.
The lights awaken,
Silhouettes of exasperated
hands come into view.

"A Comedy, it must be".
"Satire, surely, is what she needs".
"No, no, another Tragedy".
"Lets sing and dance; fill her with glee".

"Can we not do this again",
comes the voice of Reason.

Meanwhile, the protagonist;
She waits 'till the eleventh hour
to know of the script.

It's all an act, at the end of the day!

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  Dec 5 2016  Dot
Kristy Renae Dalton

Why do we fail
to see our own beauty?
Always feeling
like an impurity.
In poetry,
I try to sort out
all the self doubt
swimming about
in my vessel of flesh.
Beauty is not skin deep.
It is found when
loving yourself complete

11-23-16 (C)

Thank you so much for the honor of the Daily! I was truly surprised, for I had just received some worrisome news. I immediately got a headache and decided to pray and write about it. My headache started to fade. I wrote a sad scribbling and logged on to HP...
When I saw my own reminder staring at me in the face in the light of all of you fine poets, I knew all would work out. Guess what, it did! I'm soooo grateful for all of you! Soon, you'll feel the love in return! I'm just really busy, so bare with me. Peace and love, friends! K:)
We are our own worst enemies. We need to learn to love ourselves, to find the beauty inside, so that we can find it in others.

Thanks for reading! K:)
Oct 28, 2016

An empty box, I wish I had
A space I long to find
Into which my heart could sing
When 'er you cross my mind

I wish a place, discrete yet vast
In this world or beyond
A portal hidden in my palm
to which love could abscond.

There safely kept, for days of rain
Spoilt not by woe nor fear
I'd call upon this excess love
When you are far from near.

Oct 21, 2016

The sun projects a cross on the window blind.
A heavenly body skirting around the man-made.
The lines are perfection, though moving slowly.
Both silhouette and fire are facing each other;
Dancing clockwise,

Never to embrace.

#love   #sun   #shadow   #sky   #cloud   #heavenly  
  Oct 21 2016  Dot
Oct 4, 2016

My mother was a writer.
I remember her,
papers spread out upon a bed sheet in the sand,
stacked pebbles protecting her work from the wind
as I made drip-castles at the water's edge
and braided crowns from wild poppies.
I would run to her so she could
rub grape sunscreen into my sandy shoulders
and I asked her once,
is that poetry?”
and she said “No little one,
you are poetry,
this only tries to be.”
and I thanked her,
and ran back to the water
to search for flat stones to skip,
and thought no more of poetry.

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