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I've already written about
the lost socks,
Now what about all the
lost gloves,
Abandoned on gateposts
and railings and walls,
Sad objects that nobody

A single glove's no use
to man nor beast,
Which is why they get
left on their tod,
While you might get
away with a pair of
odd socks,
Mismatched gloves look
extremely - well, odd.

Time was when a lady
perchance dropped a
In the hope that some
swain in his carriage,
Might return it to her
with a courteous bow,
And, with luck, a proposal
of marriage.

But today's men are not
so romantically inclined,
Debonair Mr Darcy's they
If they bothered to pick
up a dropped glove at all,
The poor girl would
probably faint.

My Lonely Socks Helpline
is going great guns,
Many pairs have been
So now I'm including
lost gloves in the mix,
If it works I'll be highly

So if you're the owner
of one lonesome glove
That's pining at home
for its mate,
Just contact the Helpline
and I'll do my best,
(50p if you care to donate).


Scientists have discovered,
I always seem to read,
Tons of useless trivia
that we don't really need.

Like fish who speak
with accents or frogs
that croak in French
Or why your beans
taste better
If you nail them to a

Or perhaps you've
always wondered why
a bird sits on a perch,
Well a scientist will
tell you after years of
hard research.

Maybe you just need
to know why flowers
give off scent.
The science lab's been
busy, and it's money
that's well spent.

Why bother with a cure
for things like cancer
or MS
When they've been
working hard to
understand how women

White coat-wearing
boffins will be working
round the clock
Using taxpayers' money
teaching chimps to put
on a sock.

Who needs a cure for
diabetes, asthma or
When research shows
how dogs can laugh
or cats can show

I think it's time we
pulled their funds
and made them use
their minds
To study and then
search for things to
benefit mankind.


The spirit of the
soul is felt quite
sad today,
The world just
keeps on turning -
as some of us do

The love abounds
the foe of life,
And knowing that
true love ends all
the world's strife.

The evil of jealousy
is deemed to take
But I'll drown it in
the water - fresh
from the barge.

Mankind can be
trouble - and so
can ladies too,
So the spirit of
this holy life - is
granted to the
chosen few.

To seek out a new
life and marry my
loving honey,
'Lord, help me, I
ask thee - to guide
my spirit for

I plunder my heart,
and my soul is
being shy,
But I will find my
loving honey - and
we both will
tearfully cry.

No more pain, no
more hurt - just
love, bliss and
And I take my
first steps in the
Philippines - their
country' I shall


(I wrote this poem as a special tribute to the beautiful Philippines.  God Bless You Always.)

'Doctor,' cried the man, in
the deepest of despair.
'It appears I have a problem
that I really ought to share.

'It's about time it was
sorted, it's driving me quite
'If you will help and advise
me, I really would be

'I have the same dream
every night and I never
get a break.
'Sometimes it's more than
once a night, keeping me

'Well, OK,' said the doctor,
'Just what's this dream
all about?
'I will do my very best to
help, don't be in any doubt.'

'It involves three lovely
ladies with lips of ruby red,
'They keep trying every
single night to get into my

'Every night they visit me,
but I'm afraid I have to say
'That every single night
they come, I push them all

'I see,' replied the doctor,
as he pondered what to do,
'I'm not quite sure how I
could help, what angle to

'Well,' said the man,
sheepishly, 'I'm now falling
for their charms,
'So I was hoping you could
find a way to break my
stupid arms.'


The moon shines down,
and, oh, what a sight.
My spirit is lifted - and
feels such delight.
My hands do tremble,
it isn't good,
But my soul is troubled -
I hide under my hood.

The journey I take will
soon be over,
My brain is hurt - why
do I bother?
The life I lead is not
for me,
I look out yonder - to
the inviting sea.

I feel nothing - no love,
no life,
How I wish I had a wife.
I'd cherish and love her -
that's for sure,
Because true love my
friends, is the perfect

I stand alone against the
Hoping and praying I do
so fall.
My mind is troubled - I
feel no life,
How do I go on - I feel
such strife.

I try to grasp the air
around me,
But all I feel is more
anguish and no loyalty.
How do I manage - is
this really my life?
As all I want is a loving

But my feelings are all
damaged - I do not lie,
'I can't go on - why do
I try?'
The prosecution of this
body of mine is decay,
Will it give way, and
and will happiness save
the day?

Oh, Lord, my God, please
hear my prayer -
Please send an angel to
help me to care.
Touched by an angel - is
there some kind of magic?
'Or, will my life be oh, so

The scent I smell is a
holy smell,
Do I feel God - and his
love to dwell?
My soul is now blessed,
as I sleep for now,
And in dreams I go -
my soul - I shall bow.

'Thy miracle of life, is
there some for me?'
A kiss from God - and
it's free!
I will be positive - that
is my aim,
To seek out a new life,
and feel no more shame.

My soul feels love - I now
thank the lord,
He answered my prayer -
he said: 'Come on board!'
'Now I'm 'FREE' - no more
My new life starts here -
and a brand new tomorrow.'


And so, my friends, we're
here again,
Yes, here we are once
With used months
stacked behind us, and,
A New Year stretched

Bells ring out, and hands
clasp hands,
And voices rise in song,
As fireworks light the
midnight sky,
We each to each belong.

A family of nations,
No matter form or
Genetically connected
This blessed human

And when the year,
its days all spent,
Must face the final
Will it be filled with
good or ill?
That, only time will

So here's to strength
and courage,
To meet each coming
And happiness and
health, my friends,
And light to guide
your way.

No more wars to
speak of, as peace
now reigns supreme,
And love shall be
our guiding star,
forever in our dream.

So bless our New
Year and spread
cheer to ne and
Happy New Year,
my friends, we all
feel ten feet tall!

The earth will go
on spinning, as
life goes on and on,
And both the sun
and the moon -
they light each new
day that is born.


Darryl Ashton
Darryl Ashton
Dec 25, 2016

The day has arrived
but I cannot embrace,
I want to escape the
dreaded human race.
My soul is dead as I
cling to life,
All alone without a
loving wife.

My soul is dead, it
has now gone,
My mind is wandering -
'where is my gun?'
The special day has
closed all ranks,
But, why am I forced
to give thanks?

The curdling of my
soul is sour,
I watch the clock
strike on the hour.
I feel nothing of
good or kindness,
or of love,
'Where's this love
gone - from our
lord, above?'

The penetration of
this invisible threat,
All I want is happiness,
and not to regret.
This in-mind torture
is not evading,
Instead it keeps
calling - just invading.

Christmas Day - the
birthday of Christ,
We all do celebrate -
in the very highest.
A child is born, and
the world does change,
Some do pray - but
some feel strange.

Mary and Joseph, and
the wise men too,
They came forth with
gifts, some old, some
To believe in Christmas
shall cease the hurt,
Which stays in the
mind for it to flirt.

May peace and love
be with us all,
It's Christmas Day - I
hear the call!
This mental torture
is now evaporating,
Merry Christmas - as
we all are celebrating.

Joy to the world and
to everyone.
I look on up to the
smiling sun.
The Lord is born and
peace is here,
Merry Christmas to
you all - as I wipe
away a tear.

To love thy foe and
peace will reign,
As Christmas is a
blessing - I'm not
now insane.
May Christmas be
the future - and
good will to all men,
As God smiles down
I do hear his call;

The Holy Spirit is
around me now,
So I will now kneel -
my head I do bow.
The blessings of
a birth - Jesus is
'Merry Christmas -
as it is now known.'


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