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My poetry is mostly based on spirituality, love, fantasy and enigma. :)

My poetry is mostly based on spirituality, love, fantasy and enigma. :)
Cornelius balor
Cornelius balor
15 hours ago

The existence in which we exist in
Knows we need to honor our cores
We drown in the deepest pits
Hoping someone else will save us
But even deeper than this pit
Is a voice telling us we need to grow
Out of the shambles and unquenchable sorrows
And to let the embrace of self fall in this fall
Allowing you to be healed
Or released somewhat.

#sorrows   #heal  
  15h  Cornelius balor
20 hours ago

The sum
Equals the answers of
Circumference to her

What is the parameters
When multiplied

I found where,
& where
not 2

Cutie pi
Wants forever
A ratio compared
To never
Have tried

She had a base for my height
Tanned cylinder type
A plug for my variables
Such a calculated mind

We are equal
A volume
In an area of time

In this continuum
At the fast end of the fast slow life
We dive into each others geometrical lines
And in this orbital spin we'll travel the eliptical circle around the Helios head

We multiplied pi, times the radius squared,
Times the heighth found here
And came up with the sum of the atmosphere

We are an equation
In deep relation
To the platonic geometrical foundation of the universe created

And I was hoping for a second date with her

  4d  Cornelius balor
4 days ago

Isn't the world so beautiful
Jackers and their brand new cars
Isn't this world so lovable
Countries and their wars

I'd say the world is good
Put more fire on the wood
I'd say the world is clean
Put more flames on the gasoline

Isn't the world so beautiful
Isn't the world so neat
Isn't the world so lovable
To the homeless on the street

Money and it's famous
Isn't this world so rich
Isn't this world so beautiful
Isn't this world a bitch

I'd say this world is happy love
I'd say lets all join hands
I don't know what I'm thinking of
God must have other plans

Maybe this world is beautiful
Maybe I just can't see

Yeah violence must be wonderful
And the dead must die for peace

Isn't this world so beautiful
With the skies and oceans great
This world is so damn beautiful

It's the people that I hate

Cornelius balor
Cornelius balor
6 days ago

Like the water
You flow
Like the sun
You glow
Like the wind
You blow
Like the thunder
You roar
Like the rain
You pour
Like the fragrance
You float
Like a bird-
You soar.

Cornelius balor
Cornelius balor
6 days ago

People called it madness
But the soaring one's called it love
People thought they were banging their heads
In a direction that would lead them to flaw
One thing the soaring one's didn't care
Was that people telling them what was right and what was wrong
This madness was an elucidated form of magic and promise
That circulated it's way again into this world of morbid claws
Devouring everything in a chain of belief's and vain
That had become a tradition verified by all
But the soaring one's were here to shift this hell bent form
Their name's were enough to cast sane one's afraid
The sane of that time that the traditions had made
But everything has it's twist's and turns
So here was brought a major change by the force of all
The soaring one's didn't name who it was who called them to come
For they knew word's lacked strength and people could twist them into storms
The very breathe these intriguing one's breathed was carved out of flaw
So it's the flaw whose flawlessness brought them to bring justice to this plane of lost.

#morbid   #claws  
Cornelius balor
Cornelius balor
6 days ago

Let me paint myself into euphoria,
For reality bores me,
And magic holds me,
How could i give up the wonder,
And enter into a boxed reality?
I've done no harm,
I'll do what i must;
I'll create to fascinate me,
I'll create to leave myself in awe,
"For creator's to create creation,
They must not only love themselves,
But also what they are creating."
For in the end it all comes to me,
It is the i who has to be happy,
And for that-magic-for me is like breathing,
Giving up this potion of ecstasy;
Would bother me and unease me each day,
So each moment of me breathing;
Is magic,
Is amazing..

Just a little thought.
Cornelius balor
Cornelius balor
6 days ago

Petrichor left his penumbra seduced,
It was nature's lagniappe framed;
To assure rest and soothe to his soul,
His name was trohedus-created out of loves truth.

To be given such a title was never his first truth,
His major interest lingered in the cloud's and in the sounds,
To be framed as some paragon was not what he was proud of,
So nature's arms were always opened for him.

His art was to heal people and being's through his instrument,
What had been woven into his soul, hadn't vanished as he grew,
And whenever he played his sublime sounding machine,
It not only came alive but it breathed the very same air he breathed.

His music acted as an emollient for wrenched souls,
It could be anything that the beings might be suffering,
So his passion and his loved combined acted as an ether for lost souls,
For love was his name and he was natures granted lagniappe.

He did his magical work living in the forests way,
For his essence could only last as he was connected to this play,
This harbinger, poet and a being of poise was always filled with felicity,
Wherever he moved everything was attracted to his beauty.

#love   #nature   #penumbra  
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