10 Word Poems  (1283 followers)
A 10 word poem has no restrictions other than it can only have 10 words. Recently, I sponsored a contest at another site, attempting to ...
A Place for Sharing  (1256 followers)
This collection will be a place where group members may share their poetry. I would love to see pieces that were inspired by the ideas ...
A Notch Above the Daily Fluff  (1036 followers)
For those good works buried in the fluff of daily poems.
To Foundation and Fabric of Love.  (1023 followers)
To those who loved, in love, and fall for love! I sincerely give thanks to those who share, and those who allow me to share ...
disturbingly human  (937 followers)
just that.
LET IT TREND!  (858 followers)
Amazing poetry that needs to be read ...that needs to TREND! There are some awesome writings that I feel get hidden away, here is a ...
Poems for a heart that hurts..  (841 followers)
For those days..
treasureworth  (700 followers)
Anything worthwhile to you. Thank you for following cx
♥Love♥  (694 followers)
Love poems. Good, bad, whichever. Post them here.
Good Reads  (657 followers)
This collection has been created to showcase the work of fellow authors on the site. Please do not submit your own work as that is ...
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