treasureworth  (709 followers)
Anything worthwhile to you. Thank you for following cx
To Foundation and Fabric of Love.  (1045 followers)
To those who loved, in love, and fall for love! I sincerely give thanks to those who share, and those who allow me to share ...
disturbingly human  (959 followers)
just that.
10 Word Poems  (1306 followers)
A 10 word poem has no restrictions other than it can only have 10 words. Recently, I sponsored a contest at another site, attempting to ...
I shoot into the light.  (321 followers)
My search for me.
February Countdown  (145 followers)
I've decided to write a series of 18 poems, because instead of trying to patiently wait until February 28th, this is my version of a ...
Psychopath  (327 followers)
a lot of people call me a Psycho/Psychopath because of the poems i write here are more poems i like to live up to my ...
Collaborations  (274 followers)
poet to poet, writer to writer
Poems for a heart that hurts..  (851 followers)
For those days..
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