SweetPea Book of Poetry Vol. 2  (17 followers)
Volume 2 of "poetry...and the art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting  pleasure by beautiful, imaginative or elevated  thoughts..."
Joy , love, pain and life  (39 followers)
This is a group for poets who want to submit their  poems on love, pain, life, joy and pain. Have fun and live it to the ...
Max Vale's Journal  (2 followers)
My journey with poems This is the birthplace of all my poems.
Spiritual  (6 followers)
Spiritual poems
Back to the Classics  (28 followers)
Revive *OLD* works from the grave by adding them to this collection. Old pieces often get buried beneath newer work and the sands of time ...
VA  (13 followers)
Share your mind
She Smokes  (3 followers)
They are all here.
Timeless Truths  (12 followers)
Words of Wisdom That Stand the Test of Time Cover Photo - 'Hourglass' by infinitedecay - flickr.com/infinitedecay
Brillantly dark  (6 followers)
Dark, lovely, different
Aaawesome Flow  (36 followers)
Poems that have a great sense of rhythm and flow.
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