*****( Best Rhymsical Poems (******  (10 followers)
A place to add rhymes so sublime You want to gaze at them all the time!!!
Thoughts Replaced  (4 followers)
Turning all your thoughts into strokes of ink.
A conversation among broken hearts  (8 followers)
Love poems, heart break poems. It's all here
(˘_˘")  (4 followers)
Poetry If You Dare
Hyacinth Blues  (12 followers)
This collection is for confessions, heartaches, lost loves, sadness, and inspirations. It's a place to express the experiences that have shaped us. Welcome to the ...
Just Good Poetry  (28 followers)
anything you believe deserves some acclaim and hasn't been noticed much by anyone, or anything that is so good you can't help but want to ...
Beautiful poetry  (4 followers)
Here I choose poetry which I can connect with. I just want to hold it tight here to my collections.
Divine Inspiration  (3 followers)
Beauty  (3 followers)
Words as dark as night, or light as day, the most sweetest of bitter smiles... and you are beautiful.
Pen Apostles  (3 followers)
Words of words Unto is heard Nothing is absurd Amongst the poets herd
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