10 Word Poems

A 10 word poem has no restrictions other than it can only have 10 words. Recently, I sponsored a contest at another site, attempting to have many depart from their more verbose forms (I am very guilty of verbosity) and try a terse form such as this. Several rose to the challenge. Think William Carlos Williams, Red Wheel Barrow (a 16 word poem) when trying to get the smell and taste of this form.
by spysgrandson
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Luiz Syphre
Luiz Syphre
1 day ago

Pen State Graduate? never me...
State Pen Valedictorian!  Be me!

- Luiz Syphre

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idle hands

Poets: emotional purveyors selling used perspectives on love or loss.

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Feb 12      Feb 13

Hope is the anvil of endurance,
The engine of determination.

#hope   #10w  
  Added by Ann M Johnson  ·  Jan 31
Ann M Johnson
Ann M Johnson
Jan 31      Feb 1

Opportunity gently knocks
  Whereas temptation demands to be let in

Can be applied to being on a diet, or other situations as well.
#life   #emotions   #choices  
  Added by spysgrandson  ·  Jan 14
bill hughes

s i l e n c e
in waves

hearing all
that you
do not say

word regurgitations
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idle hands

Emptiness summons the ultimate clout,
emptiness within leaves one without.

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idle hands

While staring down the sights,
she suddenly opened her eyes.

  Added by victoria  ·  Jan 11
Jan 11      Jan 11

morphine took charge
night came on
and turned into mourning

  Added by spysgrandson  ·  Jan 10
Jan 10      Jan 10

The sand mustn't worry
for the wave will always return

  Added by spysgrandson  ·  Jan 9
Jan 6

Just give me
a blindfold
and a cigarette,
or two.

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