Poems for a heart that hurts..

For those days..
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Don't Call Me Johnny
18 hours ago      2 hours ago

On this prison planet
sticking your face in the spotlight
is like placing your neck in a noose.
Your lifespan is considerably enhanced
if you live inconspicuously and pretend never to have
emerged from that deep, controller-induced slumber.
For your mind to remain free
you'd better pretend it is not.

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1 day ago

Last night drinking
cherry cured 'shine
from Tennessee
I caught the moon
flinching behind
a tree like a white
flower afraid to be
cut from its dark stalk
whereas in the spring
when I'm sober
it grows outside my
window before daylight
when moths come
and die gently while
I lie here listening
to their silent soft wings
dreaming of bleeding
in my sleep and find
no trace of a wound
aching in the harsh red cut
of another day breaking.

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Alyssa De Marzo

It takes
15 seconds to fall in lust
30 seconds to fall in love
2 seconds to fall on your face
And forever to fix a broken heart

Darling, the years have flown
around the earth and back...

And I still don't know what we are

  Added by Ma Cherie  ·  1 day ago
David Hewitt
David Hewitt
1 day ago

You would've sparkled!
Shone like the brightest sun
You would've dazzled
Been a friend to everyone
You would've had laughter
And told the funniest of jokes
You would've worn dresses
And enjoyed the attention of blokes
You would've had imagination
Read books and wrote verse
You would've listened to birdsong
Kept my picture in your purse
You would've had coffee
Closed your eyes, enjoyed to wish
You would've felt loved
And felt my daily, softest kiss
You would've been around
To discover and explore
You would've been my hero
My friend and soul mentor
You would've been so creative
Had a life so full to give
And I wouldn't miss you as much
If only our time we could relive

  Added by Woody  ·  2 days ago
2 days ago      1 day ago

Days like one terrible
circle after another
nothing but mud
whiskey and the river
bad debts and the weather
daylight disappearing
beneath the water
like husbands
or favorite daughters
reason enough for old
women to be weeping
after the rain comes
sweeping by the bay
window looking out
at their cold world wet
from its own darkness
what do they need, what
can they possibly say?

  Added by Deena  ·  3 days ago
3 days ago

When I go out at night
trying to sweep up the stars
my woman grows weary
of the cold weather in me
she thinks I am with someone
else, but it is midnight
and I am alone with the moon
that woman in a red dress
standing on the beach
but you see, it is an empty
plate with no supper, or
maybe a piece of stationery
without a lover's phone number.

  Added by Sanna Tirkey  ·  3 days ago
Sanna Tirkey
Sanna Tirkey
Dec 10, 2016

Wounds that you gave me,
Scratched me with the stone of bitterness,
Pierced my heart with the dagger of hatred,
Even caresed me with the hurts and
Words of falsehood ,
Ripped me off my virtues;
You left me alone bleeding
Tears of pain and agony,
You were my remedy,
blinded to the truth;
Your Love Was Salt In My Wounds.

Wounded heart... Crushed soul... Hate Love.
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grumpy thumb
grumpy thumb
3 days ago      2 days ago

Heart hard and worn as an old cemetery flag-stone.
Relationships were dead and buried there,
lovers long gone.
It can't help but mourn.
Does so alone
in lost hours.
Unexpectedly it stumbles upon
regrets thought flown,
hopes toppled down
and echos the loss of someone.

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4 days ago      4 days ago

The poets will tell you
Again and again
What a terrible idea it is
To fall in love with them

But don’t listen
Because they are all liars

Even when they say they are moody
Dark and depressive and
Full of broody angst

That they will rip out your soul
Smash your heart to smithereens
Because they are ugly, damaged
Creatures that will only hurt you
Only cause you pain

Or that they are incapable
Of fully loving
Anything but their pen

That paper is their only friend
And that no one is this world
Could possibly understand
Never comprehend

Every one of us knows
The sad truth

Just look at our poetry
And you will see
Hidden in plain sight
If you read in between the lines

Please, stay away
*I love you, I love you, I love you*
From me

I've said it before but I'll say it again anyway.
  Added by LS  ·  4 days ago
4 days ago      2 days ago

I hate you here
I hate you there
I wish not to hate
because I am not one to hate,
but I think about you
way too much
for someone that no longer cares

I think how you were,
the things you asked of me

The things that were said,
the things you screamed,
the pain you charged at me

I still walk by that picnic table
and think of that night
you chased me down
when I wanted to leave

I still look at that park
and think of those nights
full of tears and anguish

The stars we walked under,
barely visible
as if even they knew,
the end was near
the moon shined down a perfect light
for our shadows to leap on

I still drive by that path we walked,
the time you told me things you've
not admitted to others before me

I remember thinking then
that you were a complete mess,
and not mine to fix,
but still,
it was so very hard to let go

It still is,
and after the time that has gone by
I saw your car just the other day
It just set me ablaze

You ruined so many things for me,
you laid out these lies
that I was supposed to trust
you laid out your fear,
your anger
that you held onto deeply
the past,
ours and yours
it rang inside of you like a bell
billowing out like a nuclear blast

I wasn't sure of you at first,
you were adamant
you were misleading
you were comforting,
but the things you became
riveted me in such a way
that I haven't been able to overcome

I'm guilty of a lot things,
but with you I was better

I needed time to become that way
I needed time to heal from the loss I had before you

I wasn't given that time,
and we see the results now

We see the results of two people,
claiming honesty
and getting lies

This is garbage, but I wanted to share it anyhow.
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