Poems for a heart that hurts..

For those days..
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4 days ago      2 days ago

while pretending to read our palms
I joke at how short my love line is.
curving out and fading
this. can’t. be. it.
when I sleep I clench my palm
even though I don’t believe that my wrinkles tell my fate
I want this line to last for you.

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Jan 14      Jan 15      Jan 22, 2017

at times
unstable as water
yet strong
as the oceans

i pin
down words
and live
in my poems.

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Kelly Weaver
Kelly Weaver
2 days ago

Lust has a name
The same name I whisper in my dreams
Lust has hands as soft as silk and eyes that shine like the stars
Touch like lightening and a laugh like thunder
A smile that could blind.

And Heartbreak shares this name
Heartbreak has a voice that could tear down walls
A grip that could crush the pyramids and words that could turn tides
It has the power to make you wish for the impossible and ache at the sight of a face
I should know.

Lust and Heartbreak have a name.

You know it like it's your own.

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Doug Potter
Doug Potter
2 days ago

Take your average dog
it does not partake in birthday

parties or attend weddings,
theatrical  events

bar and bat mitzvahs
nor dabble in oil painting;

yet the pooch makes
the most out its twelve

years of life and appears
happy when compared

to the seven billion
humans on earth.

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Nov 8, 2014      Nov 8, 2014      Nov 11, 2014

she was a poet,
and he was her pen.
in him,
she always found words to write,
songs to sing,
thoughts to think.

he'd smile,
and kiss her softly,
and say,
"write me a poem."

and she would.
she'd put poe,
and whitman,
and shakespeare to shame,
and she'd write a poem that made his eyes water.

she'd compare him
to a rose with no thorns,
a book with no end,
a world with no poverty --
the things we all wish for,
but can never attain.


he asked her one day,
"what am i?"
and so she picked up her pen,
and began the usual:
you are the shining sun after a hurricane,
with rays that open the eyes of the blind.

but he stopped her after those two lines,
and said that this time,
he didn't want any metaphors,
or similes,
or analogies.
he wanted the truth.

and so on that night,
as he slept,
the poet picked up her pen,
and she wrote.

she wrote,
then thought better of it,
then started over again,
and this cycle continued well into the early hours of the morning,
until suddenly,
she wrote, frantic,
if i can't love you for what you really are,
have i ever really loved you at all?

this, too,
she thought better of,
condemning it to the trash.

the next morning the poet was gone,
her final work a mere two words:

i'm sorry.


this is more of a story than a poem but i like how it came out so leave thoughts & comments please
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eunsung aka Silas

searching for connections,
yearning for love.
Only to be alone.

My definition of loneliness.
#sadness   #alone   #10w   #loneliness  
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Lady RF
Lady RF
3 days ago      2 days ago

You know
that you are truly loved
and valued
when you are protected,
especially when you're not there
to defend yourself,

You know
that you are cherished
when your richness
is counted in reassurance,
not in tangible wealth.

You know
that you are truly needed
when loyalty is emotional,
as well as physical,

You know
that you are really wanted
when you are supported
and never ever made to feel mental.

You just know!

By Lady R.F ©2017

I truly, truly believe this
with all of my heart and soul.
You just know!
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tears keep falling
and I'm unsure why
there are bottled up feelings
deep down inside.
This usually doesn't occur
at least not to me,
I mean sometimes I'll cry
but not continuously...
I miss so many
and the past sometimes,
can hit me.
I feel excitement for the future,
a future that has us together.
Now my throat is hurting
from this unwanted weather.

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Tonya Maria
Tonya Maria
Jan 6      Jan 8      Jan 19, 2017

Wisps of fog
cover the hemlocks
The soil is moist
beneath my feet
The tall cliffs
dare me to climb them
and touch the clouds
of thin white heat
Never a challenge
backed away from
mindless at times
Caught in the rush
my heart, a river....
Winds the hills
and cliffs I climb

Fighting the gray of January
& the in between.
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Jaclyn Harlamert
Jaclyn Harlamert
Jan 5      Jan 7

I wish I could be with you, sleeping in your arms
Even when unconscious, you keep me safe from harm

Feeling your chest breathing underneath my ear,
There's a steady heartbeat of yours I love to hear

Someone told me that love is an endeavor,
Yet I know, I could lay with you forever.

My squishiest poem
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