Poems for a heart that hurts..

For those days..
  Added by Deena  ·  4 hours ago
2 days ago      2 days ago

The night
so quiet like
a loaf of rising bread
or a letter
to the condemned
while the dead trees
of silence spread
their naked limbs
like a willow by the water
someone's empty bed
all I know
is this universe
is a swarm of stars
and the moon
that ancient stone
burning like a ship
takes my life
on a journey without me
deaf as sleep
cold as the black sea.

  Added by Luiz Syphre  ·  20 hours ago
Luiz Syphre
Luiz Syphre
21 hours ago

come expeditious
burn the palet
Ash her so vicious.
Mistresses kisses
Sweet and delicious.
Thoughts of us
pleasures malicious.

- Luiz Syphre

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Arcassin B
Arcassin B
23 hours ago      21 hours ago

By Arcassin Burnham

Please tell me what you think,
from the boat we sink, We don't even gotta
float love,

We could get drunk on a mountain if we
want too,

Praying to the lord that has too much on his
theres no reason to look above,

contemplating , he just wants me to worry
about you,

your touch,
our bed,
Like what we gon' do?

The things,
we drank,
make us,
Where we gon' fly to?

Please tell me what you think,
from the boat we sink, *We don't even gotta
float love,

We could get drunk on a mountain if we
want too.

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Charlie Wonder

Trust me,
I've been there before.
Pick your heart up.
Don't let it take your joy.

Enjoy the moment.
For now it's just you.
Let life happen.

Loosen up a bit.
Ease back jazz cat.
There's a symphony in your sorrow.

Unwind sometime. Enjoy the spring. Repost from last night
#peace   #life   #happy   #jazz  
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Lily NP
Lily NP
Dec 21, 2015

I've always cared more about being detached,
Than I ever have for the notion of home.
Perhaps it's because it's in my blood,
Because I watched hate rule with more force than love;
But everything that I have ever known,
Tells me it's better to be alone.

  Added by Rusty Bernard  ·  2 days ago
Rusty Bernard
Rusty Bernard
2 days ago      2 days ago

The room was lit by candles
The atmosphere was soft
But then he put the light on
It nearly put me off!

So then I asked him gently
Switch the light off please?
He said my darling you look fine
I know, it’s you, not me!

  Added by Extrovert  ·  3 days ago
4 days ago

Don't be ashamed
to put yourself first
Rule #3 in my list of
elements for a happy life
That's what you did
I guess I should do the same.

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phil roberts
phil roberts
4 days ago

I knew he was dying
I thought maybe a few weeks left
So still and so quiet
This man whose laugh made us all laugh
The man who always had ideas
Where to go, what to do for a laugh
Always a laugh
Sharer of adventures
Partner in crime
For thirty-six crazy years
Dying before my eyes and
Taking much of my life with him

He'd had a massive stroke a year earlier
They said he'd die then
But he defied them and recovered a lot
Proper conversations and learning to walk
Then they discovered that he had cancer
And here we were five weeks later
"How long are you gonna be in here?" I asked
He turned his head and looked hard at me
"I die next week," he said
As though he had an appointment

He got three days, not a week
I cried seeing him dying
But I was relieved for him when he did
Now my old friend is gone
And it's a duller world without him

                                       By Phil Roberts

My old friend died a few years ago now and the sadness has long been replaced by happy memories.
  Added by Vicki  ·  4 days ago
4 days ago      4 days ago

I hauled clay
for days
to fill the deep
washout of our love
and all your old loves
who bled to death
too, I even searched
the cold evenings
of your eyes
and ran my fingers
through your moonlight
while tasting the blood
of strangers on your lips
but I would have
to have a backhoe
and a crowbar
to finally get down
to the heart
of the matter at night
and in the rain
though I'm afraid
I would only find
a deep dark cave
with blind starfish
like those I see
swimming in
the cold sky tonight.

  Added by Woody  ·  5 days ago
grumpy thumb
grumpy thumb
5 days ago      5 days ago

Sad as the kiss goodbye
the tears in the morning
the cold sheet
by the space
next to you.
Hope the phone's broken
there's no one calling
must have checked the volume
a million times.
In your mind
hope's replaced by wishful thinking
wakeful dreaming
feel like screaming
'cause next to you
was once a face
radiant as the sun in the morning
happy as the kiss hello.

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