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Born and raised in Manchester, UK. However, I recently undertook a "How Mancunian are you?" survey and came out only 50%. I guess the other 50% is a mixture of my Irish roots and my general world view. This may be reflected in my poetic efforts.
Born and raised in Manchester, UK. However, I recently undertook a "How Mancunian are you?" survey and came out only 50%. I guess the other 50% is a mixture of my Irish roots and my general world view. This may be reflected in my poetic efforts.
Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
15 hours ago

That's one
HUGE bite
President Trump
can you
chew it?

#10w   #president   #trump  
Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
2 days ago

The procrastinating diminutive dog
had a gait so lacking in power
every walk took 120 minutes
for this dour two hour chihuahua

#power   #hour   #diminutive   #chihuahua   #dour  
Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
2 days ago

Time to ignore the ignorant
time to stop chasing wealth
time to love your loved ones
time to promote good health

Time to seek new possibilities
time to be culturally aware
time to practice altruism
time to show you care

Time to self help not selfie
time to break from your phone
time to celebrate your individuality
time to visit those alone

Time to help the helpless
time to feed the stricken
time to find what came first
the egg or the chicken

#first   #egg   #chicken  
Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
3 days ago

Over many centuries of Irish history
seeds were sown laying trouble ahead
indigenous and settlers, politics and religion
cause and effect would leave thousands dead

Praying to one God but divided in belief
bigotry blinding the faithful's sight
all wrongs blamed on the other side
too many believing they can only be right

Famine brought starvation and mass emigration
centuries old disputes festered in bad blood
1916 brought a rising with men imprisoned and shot
Irishmen killed in Dublin and in world war French mud

A European armistice achieved then a Home Rule debate
nationalists and loyalists entrenched like never before
an Ireland then divided leading to a "Free State" civil war
could this ravaged isle take any more ?

An uneasy peace until the late 60s
then civil rights protests and order broke down
bloodshed and violence returned once more
Ulster hearts broken in every city and every town

This beautiful land's history can still stain the present
troubles can still threaten but much work has been done
each new generation must find the common ground
where lies lasting peace without the bomb and the gun

A potted troubled Irish historical piece I wrote some years ago which has been published in many other places
#peace   #beautiful   #ireland   #land  
Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
4 days ago

In the nippy northern hemisphere
winter straddles the calendar year
in the sultry southern hemisphere
bright summer sunshine's presently here
our planet spins on an axis or something
my scientific knowledge is virtually nothing
I know there are many other planets
in what's known as our solar system
but for the life of me
I never could fully list 'em
physics, chemistry, ology after ology
my only real interest is poetology
but that's not even a word
neither's splink, sluff, sconk or scurred
this piece is silly, frilly, unpretentious fluff
many light years from avant-garde stuff
it would surely never win a literary prize
but maybe a smile in the beholder's eyes

just having a moment...
#science   #summer   #winter   #planets   #silly   #frilly   #beholder  
Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
5 days ago

Repetitive errors from blood stained history
intolerance, bigotry, xenophobia on show
mankind's inhumanity to fellow man
forward to the past we go

Failure to learn from predecessor's folly
quick fixes with problems on tow
taking us all for a roller coaster ride
forward to the past we go

World peace a happy hippy ideal
the 60s smoked in a psychedelic glow
armed atrocities still cast shadows though
forward to the past we go

The West returns to the far right
bygone era's icy winds doth blow
civilisation wasn't born yesterday
forward to the past we go

A sort of back to the future in reverse
Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
6 days ago

This inner city district once thrived on coal
now vanished through time into a deep hole
unrecognisable and riddled with crime
my memories of childhood frozen in time

I wish it was like when I was young
remembering faces, hearing songs sung
bustling shops where community would prevail
deserted now with cheap houses for sale

Landlords exploiting new arrivals plight
my once streets of play gone, nothing seems right
sinister figures in shadows selling their wares
watchful and guarded, even dogs walk in pairs

Be careful with cherished childhood thoughts of play
frozen memories could thaw and melt away
rose tinted worlds should never be explored
a boat to be cared for, but always moored

I wrote this after a recent walk through the area where I was born and raised. It was a bad idea.
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