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"Trouble on my left, trouble on my right I've been facing trouble almost all my life My sweet love, won't you pull me through? Everywhere I look I catch a glimpse of you I said it was love and I did it for life, I did it for you" This ... Read more
"Trouble on my left, trouble on my right I've been facing trouble almost all my life My sweet love, won't you pull me through? Everywhere I look I catch a glimpse of you I said it was love and I did it for life, I did it for you" This ... Read more
Mar 31, 2014

Glide your fingers down the railing
As you make your grand ingression
Meeting the faces you are destined to meet
As they fasten their first impressions

You are one to worry what they think
And wonder how or why
But, know that they have trained themselves
To create facades and alibis

They would be just as scared as you
If they were the ones walking down that stair
So hold your head up high, my dear
As if you did not care

Just a note to myself that everyone feels like this
Jan 25, 2015

You told me tonight
You were worried about me
Worried that I was depressed
Because you don't think
I'm happy anymore

How would I know?
What is depression?
Even if I knew
I wouldn't admit it
It would make me too sad

By the way, I'm not depressed
Aug 30, 2015

If the beauty standard of a thigh gap
Were replaced with the beauty standard
Of a boob gap
Then many more women would feel

Just a thought
Feb 20, 2014

Everything is fine
Until you pop into mind.
In a casual thought
Or a dream so vivid
I can almost touch you
When he has done so much to help me heal from you
But you are still here to taunt me in my mind
You were the thing I wanted, but could never have in the end
In my dreams, he taught me many things
He let me laugh
He never disregarded my heart
Or payed more attention to himself
He let me do things you never would have accepted with ease.
But still, we always go back to those who cage us in
As much as we realize it is not for the best
We still subconsciously want it
Because we get used to our cage
It is home

The other one. This is so frustrating, because I don't want him, but it is hard to let go of bad things that happened when you always had hope that they would get better.
Apr 23, 2014

How would you describe depression
To someone who doesn't know?

This has nothing to do with me at the moment
Apr 8, 2014

Without sensation
Or emotion
Is merely

#love   #passion  
Mar 22, 2014

You were always a grand mystery to me
Just like that ten thousand piece puzzle I had always attempted
Scrambling on the floor
Trying to fit a million jigsaws together
That were from different puzzles

There was one in the corner of the room from a puzzle
Of a few cats sitting in a wheelbarrow
And ones from a dolphin in mid air
Trying to flip through a hoop
As mesmerizing as it was to finger through the pieces
It sure was hell trying to shove them together

But that's just it
We can never shove the pieces of life together
Especially someone else's
It never works out
So perhaps if you let that person be
They'll figure out their own jigsaw
Complete the cats in the wheelbarrow picture
And finally see that dolphin jump through the hoop

Feb 1, 2015

Why is it so hard to say the truth?

We say thousand of words a day
But the ones that mean the most tend to be left unsaid
For the fear of hurting others' feelings
I know I am guilty, I am that one

I would hold it in, for years
Before saying what I truly felt
Or meant to say, as to not
Hurt the ones I care about

I want to say it to you
Somehow let what I feel
Just slip out, be acknowledged
Because I don't know how much longer it can be unsaid

The truth is not overrated
Especially when it burdens you
And weighs you down
All because you care too much

But why? Why do I care so much
Probably because I do not wish to disappoint
I simply want to evoke smiles, not frowns
But is a frown worth the truth?

For the truth will set you free

Apr 2, 2014

When peace sets over
There is no feeling that compares

Apr 15, 2014

A little pinch of guilt
A sprinkle of passion
A touch of desire
And a heaping spoonful of desperation
For good measure

Apr 4, 2014

I was sitting on a bench
And was measuring out my life
Day by day
When a happy, friendly, squirrel
Started to hop along my way

He looked me over once
Then twice for good measure
He chewed his chubby cheeks
Then smiled with pleasure

It's simple presence
Calmed my whole being
I breathed out my troubles
Then began again, with a new way of seeing

because Emma told me to write her a squirrel poem :)
Jan 8, 2014

I am flooded by a new sensation,
An overwhelming peace
That gains strength with the rise and fall,
Of your chest, while you're laying next to me.

Your eyes are soft, your breath is easy
This moment, forever, I want to keep.
But slowly you slip away into the night
While I'm pretending I'm asleep

The bed suddenly loses its source of warmth
And it's you, now, that I miss.
But I maintain my sleepy facade
And wait for your goodnight kiss

It's soft, tender, and sweet
As your lips graze across my skin
Your touch leaves me in amazement
And I'm smiling from within

Now I'm left, all alone
To be covered by a dreamy slumber
But how can I give in so easily
When it's your spell I'm under?

Goodnight will never truly be good
Until you can pause and stay
No, goodnight will never really be good
Until I wake to your face at day.

For someone special
Apr 29, 2014

The days where you just feel okay in yourself are my favorite
Where others don't abraise you like an itchy wool sweater
Where trouble doesn't sit in your stomach like bad pasta
Where you can float along, just being you
Feeling confident that your face is fashioned in just the right way
That your tights are pulled up
That your shirt is pulled down
Those days where you just embrace the fact that others talk
But it doesn't have to define you
I know I have trouble with this
I think we all do
Others talking is a great part of the things that make me unhappy
I think "Well, if only that person wouldn't be talking about me, I would be happier"
But when the truth is, I can choose whether or not to listen
I can choose whether or not to sit with them
Or whether or not I believe something someone else is saying about my life
Because we all know that other people are the experts on all our problems
Fastening their opinions of us based off the exterior of our faces
Well, if there is someone who knows more about me than I know myself
Come, please have me meet them, because I would sure like the answer key to life's book of problems
Because perhaps they play God, too.

Just something I try to keep in mind
May 27, 2014

Those who are conceited are like the foamy starch  in a pot of pasta
That rises and billows so proud in its manner, falling over the sides of the pan
But little do they know that they are nothing special later on
They just end up being some disgusting crusty mass that no one wants to find in their gnocchi

May 19, 2014

A representation of our love
Beautiful, soft, pure, and real

A poem about the necklace my boyfriend got me for our anniversary. It is a gold chain with a single pearl on the end of it, and it is beautiful!
#10w   #necklace  
Mar 29, 2014

If you be the flower
I am the bee
Drawn to your delightful mystery

May 19, 2014

For once, I'm at a loss for words
I can't write eloquence into our anniversary yesterday
Because it was magical in and of itself
You planned me a quiet picnic in the woods, just you and me
Cooking hot dogs on a charcoal grill we didn't know how to use
And eating chicken salad
Going kayaking was a dream, paddling along
On a quiet tributary to a bigger lake, we went back into the woods
We sat in our little floating craft and talked about first kisses and magic
We wondered at how simple acts could have led us apart and how happy we are together
I noticed the calmness of the water and the intricacies of the ripples when I indulged my paddle into the stream
We were out for an hour, just paddling along
Talking, living, laughing, loving together.
Just being together
We eventually made our way back in, an hour car ride away from home
Talking some more, laughing together, enjoying the company
We went back to my place and ate dinner with my family
Shrimp Scampi with salad and bread
Then roasted marshmallows and laughed when they became torches
Nothing is better than marshmallows with the people you love
After that we set up my hammock and just swung there and watched the sun slip below the horizon
Taking in the scenery, we didn't need to talk, because there was nothing more that could have been said
It was magical until my little brother came over to us and asked why we weren't talking and called us boring
But he doesn't understand, not quite yet
Not until he is sitting on a hammock with a girl, and knows there isn't anything to say
It was a beautiful day, wonderful by itself

Jun 4, 2014

The tree house, the swings, the memories
You built it, and you need to tear it down
To make way for a new pool deck
But by you tearing it down
You're just reassuring me of the fact
That my childhood has almost past
I remember so many times being up there
Sleeping up there
Doing homework
Rolling around in sleeping bags
Laughing and enjoying life
I would rather it not go
I love its presence, always reminding me
That however old I get, there is always magic
There is some place to go and hide
Even if there are bees, I could still go up there and escape
I could sit, all bundled up in my Eskimo snow suit in winter
And witness the stillness of the new fallen snow
I whittled names into its support wood
So it would always remember
I guess I'm being selfish not wanting to share my own piece of childhood
But we all have that thing that we don't want to give up
Even if we outgrow it in a sense
But I will be happy in the sense that another child may climb up on the steps
Look out from the top and imagine they are the top of the world
For all the time that they can

Feb 13, 2015

I see them pass by
All the exits on the highway that could lead to you
I'm mentally driving myself to your house
At four in the morning
So I can crawl in your bed
And sleep until the sun peaks over the hills

So I can feel your warmth under the covers
And feel you breathing beside me
That way I can tell you when we wake
How proposing to take a break
Broke me

There is an I-83 and an I-95. They represent the only two men I have loved.
Feb 15, 2014

Here I stand
Toes tap-tapping on the floor

Waiting for you to emerge
All dressed up, from your bedroom door

At the first glance I get, I catch my breath
You are more handsome than I remember

With your button up, black slacks, and fancy red tie
My heart starts to beat, racing and fevered

When you see me, you smile
And I return the feeling

You grab my hand, pulling me closer
And the sensation leaves me reeling

Thank you so much, my Valentine
For making this day great

Even though we have been together for a while
It felt like our first date

For someone special, my Valentine.
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