Seattle's 'Ballywood'    1901 -   
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
6 days ago

No longer overcast by a sea
in this low tide of afternoon
fiddling legs scuttle endlessly
crawling over under stones
waiting for its timely chances
to go from here on traction claws
avoiding hungry, vacant glances
triggered rubber-bandy craw
springing shut its door to dooms
in that dark and shallow pool


6 days ago

When I die
and the autopsy opens me up
like a pomegranate
instead of finding a heart
you will find a poem
on interstitial pulp
with red seeded words


Accounting crow whipped its beak
strapping it across phone wire
absolved barber's steady blade

Sable bird kneading air oblique
to land upon, elastic, waiting mire
where tiny zoos wiggled in its wade

Erect, alert, pit-eye to viand's mystique
up through its vertebrae cravings afire
weighed and blind-switch struck swayed

Avian black in silhouette streak
bristled up and high to trees desired
there to soap and feather preen array'd


Silently she entered every room
filled it with her absence
broken bone miseries of grief
a hollowed wooden bowl soul

Day by day her hours fraught
pulled threads of sotted nightmares
stitching words and sordid thoughts
to ward off cursed incubus

Silently she begins to weep
not tears, but blood into a cup
drops of loss and lost love's womb
to search past tense into present

Taciturn from mortal wounds
'rose this rose in spite her cuts
to breath some other life within
and sensed a joy to be, to keep


In wired forest délivré, Robin recluse
offering notions, and counting sheep
allied his aims with heart deduced
a forlorn kindred, and distraught peep

Lover's cleaved as greening vines
pea pod hairs curled fast with climes
their lives exchanged in trusting hues
where healing braced, aligned these two

Unsealed with charms and gentle care
her tempers cooled in autumn airs
their music flowed in passion's rifts
in summer's heat they sang adrift


Then day by day familiarity
seeped into a troubled beat
soon a doubt eroded verity
with silence as persistent bleat

Five hundred days of muted time
anemic memories of elapsed rhymes
in longing soreness emotions torpid
vigil displays with white snow orchid

Their forest fire relapsed to spark
in deepest chambers laid
as day devolved to curtains dark
our actors swallowed from aged page


powder and puff of fairie dust and passion's allergic reaction.


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calpurnia mockingbird
calpurnia mockingbird
Mar 25      Mar 25

Twilight's melody rises
mournfully dressed in lilac hues 
she grieves for the glory of the primrose sun.

The rise and fall of waltzing starlings
mirror the final breaths of the day
as with glorious mirth they beckon to the silvered chill of the moon.

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Aug 12, 2014      Aug 14, 2014

Summer breeze coasting through the trees
Wind chimes remind me
I've had better times
But here I am again
Because I can't sleep peacefully
Mary Jane hides the worst in me

As I shut my eyes,
I only see
Liquid black
Like the color of my soul
I was doing so well you see


But I had a crack in my shield
And the nightmares came back
Brutally vengeful
I only had my screams to keep me company

3 hours, and one very hot shower later
And I'm back,
Contemplating life on the patio
Flicking a lighter
Breathing deep
Letting the smoke seep
Back into my system


It's a vicious cycle
Recovering from memories

My nightmare waits for me back home
2 hours and 12 minutes away
I can't put it off any longer
Just thinking about him makes me anxious
And terribly sad
Because people who tell you they love you
Shouldn't hurt you
They shouldn't force and rip their way inside of you
Until everything burns
Make no mistake
Tears don't blur the violence
Soap never disinfects the shame of silence

I think I should be over it by now
Honestly, shit happens
People get raped every day
Anyone who tells you different is a liar
Or perhaps just blind
Either way,
I don't need prayers
I don't need sympathy
I probably need a damn lobotomy
Or maybe just a clean slate

So I continue to breathe
One breath at a time
While my eyes gradually drift close

I am alive
But parts of me are dead
But even Wonder Woman needs a day off

© 2014 Peach

"Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away"
#night   #smoke   #fly   #honest   #peach  
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