Seattle's 'Ballywood'    1901 -   
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
1 day ago

This limb
hangs with rust colored needles
waiting for a jack's saw clearcutness

Once trim
forest green, now raw-bark beetled
weakened by snack-jaw Curculionidae

As time
clings to branch ticking feeble
wasting ways attacking; straw colored core

So grim
clutching drops of moisture's able
in wind's wrack pall critically consigned


3 days ago

No static, sounds soon whisper
forms in corners near her mind
past and present welded arguments
suspended, hang with cautious tears
wears policeman's box on t-shirt
a doctor's cobweb, disciple of time

In these early morning hours
sits to type in anxious hues
food does not appease this hunger
as night's witness stands accused
fleet-afoot in tarradiddle conversation
running from parradiddle consternation

Now in silence growing wakeful chasm
all rope bridges hacked and fallen
in this polar room, yes, sullen
two as one now icy cloven
once indulgent dignity most solemn
chose wraith waif's with her doomed column


5 days ago

A flower believes, becomes a bouquet
Thrown up near a mountain lake, Lilly
dreaming of a day's release from chores and cares
from old age and dated dates and final disease
your ship of fate anchored, waiting to weigh and pull
Each dream a paper in a windstorm's wet wildness
one clinging as advertisement on a bark textured face
On a cloths line hangs each article of faith's cleaning
only to be soiled again by earthly cares and wonders
that one skirt saved for departure by walking train
and a fluttering blouse of whimsy's sweet corn
Fly away clipped wings bottom harbor's floor
scrubbed daily on hands, knees, elbow pain
until bright colors fade to grayish horizon's haze
Early morning brings Electra's searching gaze
suit yourself your suitor, bundle tied and plain
chains grow in ground's pea patch vows
now shouts out complaint and doubts
as distant vessel curls smoke where fires burned
a melancholic ocean wave laps singular nearer shore


6 days ago

When a table top of simulated wood melts
into its patterns of folds and knotty swirls
your Lego-logos on lumbering conveyor belts
destined for a one way revelation, bursts
betrays a rear view reasoning, for organic chaos
Were Velveeta visions taste slightly divine
being shishkabobed and dipped in beaded reflections
pooling in puddles of abandoned trust
there finding skinny leg elephants and chronic dilation
searching deeply seasoned mannequin thoughts
through no-fault blind alleys and spider joints
finding self all wrapped up like a meat burrito
longing for fresh lettuce and tomato's core


Helen Keller said, “When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.”


White ephemeral ghosts materialize
windowed with transeunt glass

A soulful welling of illumination
lived in hollow cement mass

Once these figments cased as mortal
now inspired vivid light

Dance and shed illusion's rosy gravity
blue steel hope to slice this night

Coloring portal's penetrating quick frieze
fling open creation's door

Take this textured wandering felicity
from these ancient blocks of yore


transeunt, transient (adj)
of a mental act; causing effects outside the mind

This is the third in a series of poems constructed for a friend reflecting on her art which portrays an abstract of block forms in reds, blues and white showing a block within a seemingly chiseled out window of blues, all very linear but with swirling details in each layer and white apparitions as the central theme.
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I read Pest Infestation
in the title
and thought initially it said Poet
Felt a moment of elation
Thought we'd finally
broken through with
testaments about the reality of life
on this planet
ringing aloud to the annoyance of
fat, rich critics, to the joy
of the common man an
infestation of rhythmic roil crawling
from between
fresh tree rings and
sinister, seething walls
with our quiet chewing jaws
paper and ink
in our claws.

Clawed onto a branch tree
drying in this heat
crackling endlessly

nearby clings its former self
jewel-busted carapace
an alien revival

periodically emerging
to ail these airs
with megaphone tinnitus

and on this day
turned up its dial
with winged wiles

it caused a swoon
at this high noon
of summer's chirping ways


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