Seattle's Squid Ro'    1902 -   
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
1 day ago

This Archers' quill missed its mate
checked in time without a date
seeking, 'n lover's worried haste
tossed dove's flight near clouded fate
Amazing dreams of comfort, care
with jolly girl of auburn hair
True love's spike seems awful near
when pinning future far
As the years pass unfulfilled
master heart lays ever still
with its tail upon the ground
strongly beating ever sound
waiting as some target straw
for clean strike of Cupid's law


2 days ago

How can life be full and void
since it began when I a boy
not quite aware of love's respite
then she my Queen turned up this light
Romeo doth fall to solemn knee
to thank there nature's kind reprieve
conveyed her beauty twice in day
first as moon's cast pearly sway
then as sun stem mid-day shown
This heart,  its blossom, overgrown
did cast its fate in Capulet
renounce this coil of Montague
Until our ends of time record
of two hearts, one, and their accord.


<> R&J; painting

3 days ago

How beautiful Nature delivers pain-
Its myriad implements of deconstruction
testing itself and its integrity
No surface tensions
that have not been pierced
No hide nor care
deflects its opposite reach
into the heart meat of matter
With penetrating function-form
burrows deep at junction's thorn


For a dear survivor; NJ deVico's "Its Always Better the Next Day"

6 days ago

That sound of breaking glass
high windows, piloted rock
guided by thin strong fingers
hurling everything minerally
pealing back the silence
that now is home in shards
These artifacts of a once,
framed, with strong muntins
Bone wanting flesh now looms
ragged jagged teeth
agape, the air in between,
that ancient internal factory
from this foreign forte
One last passionate toss
up to cantilevered dream
through this broken past


Aug 22      Aug 24

In dreams
all characters are rooted
in you.
Each role plays through
a card-board cutout;
same face, different holes.
Woke up with a start
ending night's dripping hook,
there was no one there.


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Zac The Unicorn

upside down
forming foreign words
that wouldn't fit
in a

you chose to forget
love melted in crucible
of this ferrous heart


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