Seattle's Squid Ro'    1902 -   
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
2 days ago      2 days ago

Your face does shine
from hooded flame
as red stream hair entwines
tame around eyes framed

your smile infects in absolutes
strikes home its claim
as sweet surrender unmatched
leaves care by name

there and then foresworn
this game of loss and pain
and gives completely born
a symphony of loving gain


2 days ago

How do you fair
in that mid-west
you who carnival
this only heart in chest

from deepest source
gives life to being
a grand canyon force
while millenially senescing

how monarchs burst
on migrations day
this love does swarm
near cliffs of clay

this empty space
that falls between
still gives waltz pace
for you dear queen


4 days ago

It is brewed in heart
doubly mortally consumed
this potion of love


4 days ago

Dearest, do not fret the long nights and short days;
as geese form a V to your heart's content.

- cec

reds,  blues, yellow
these eyes vibrate rainbow
until a leaf, branch,
three geese plunge skyward
violet in diving sun's light
homeward bound to mountains'
horizon jagged lips kissing air
as these thoughts turn
upon this arch bridge of color
conjuring daily ghosts and cares


Oct 8      Oct 8

How can you be so concealed
as suspended fog lays thick curlicue

Pale cheeks pearl smooth linger
evening's due surrendered in a kiss

Whispers steal last sounds
into night embraces, moon subdued

Each sigh's followed breath caught
in song's moment note for note

Revealed only to heart's full beat
off shore morning's mist prevails


Infinity is just another way of saying forget about it.


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