Seattle's Squid Ro'    1902 -   
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
2 days ago

Oh morning sun-
why do you shine so
luminous upon this Venetian
Blind to your jot of light,
love, and soothing buss
These eyes now branded
by heart fire's passion
cooled as evening's darkness
obscured as clouded moon,
still, facing your radiance
yearning cardinal caress


2 days ago      2 days ago

Looking down perched  lonely
shining 'bove forlornly
wondering, wandering orbit
in these thoughts so sore

Lost in contemplation
shorn in consternation
What kind, tidal forces, formed
this distant shore so stormed

Views of burning empires
flame swirled Caveat Emptor
Invested heart sewn soul
in crimson hair flown wold

Now stratosphered and feared
mood mountains moved, steered
round gargoyle sans mirth
searching thee from face fallen earth


5 days ago

In a clear past tense mind
for a brief age of time
then its gone like a ghost
no form, shape at most

A taste, color, spinning wheel
tremblings of tempered love's appeal
so a passing glance does 'way fade
and disappears in forever-glades

A scrap of insolent celluloid
flew with wind into the void
a few near thoughts, invested ink
perhaps it was invisible think


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Briar Thornit

People can
me without
I'm stuck in the
middle of
a sentence with
nowhere to go.
Semicolons dive
in where they
have no right to be
at the moment.
Semicolons are thorns
in my sentence.
I don't want this pawn
on my keyboard.
Semi colons mocking
the flow of my words.
All my sentences riddled in
periods and commas.
Periods have been
in a relationship
with semicolons
for way too long.
When the past rushes
into my mind
the last thing I want
to do is pause in the
middle of our sentence.
One would think
only men have to
worry about semicolons.
One would think
only women
have to worry
about periods.
I don't want to
stop on the
road of these
These semicolons
would be more
useful if I made
them into earrings.
I just want to
speed through
my writers

Jul 21      7 days ago

Inside this walnut shell
clings a dry old meal
Left too long alone
on this sill by window
searching in convoluted thought
with guilt or indignation bought
from trust and open heart surgery
Silence sealed this wounded deal
then leaped with tiny cat feet


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Jul 20

we fell from a cloud
when we felt
and heavy

the sun dried us
with her
heated words

we all
look the same
but we're
all different
in the winter

our personal
show up
once in a while

but sometimes
are used
and then
we no longer

This poem chiseled here
chips these words for thee
falling near but sheared
from this form now scree
lost in fragmented memories
hammered allay in love


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