Seattle's Squid Ro'    1902 -   
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
3 days ago

you, it has always been you
your embrace, it melted eternity
there on a street in round space
that last night, every night
Why? for love, always for love

5 days ago

Tonight I did not write a poem
but it sits there looking at me
as though I were a jeroboam.


How easy ti's to blurt
goodbye and end this measure curt
forget recondite feelings hurt
which stultifies this heart inert

What game was planned
with tokens known
when gentle hands
played Monte thrown

This novice love regrets its pace
for losing all upon this face
to go from full to half-moon trace
and spiral out of your embrace

If kindness and alacrity
yields such a fateful pedestal
false concocted alchemy
elixired memories bestial

When all is all and said is done
this sun does rise between us
but it does rise its light undone
with greys of rain and sorrow


Your words sliced into this old hide
with dragon yelp atop a mountain
they were not meant to slay wound wide
yet now it bleeds a gushing fountain

It started as a lark dear friend
it grew to be a past time poem
but familiarity breeds contempt
like cities built  on ancient stones

Woe this beast it licks to heal
gone love you gave and made it feel
now wilderness and icy caves
with broken heart there it to stay


Let this kiss last sweet passion's resolve
on those lips longing song bird's serenade.
Let this heart steel in ages entire, dissolve,
in that lyrical love that is our palisade.


Do you think age has no love?
Mountains worn to canyon floor
revealing layered earthen core
rivers cut trough eyelet coves
tears of giants flow this course
of course this earth does quake
and heaves in tremulous heart
onto plains expansive compass
climbs again to clouds near sky
to show with heights of passion
enduring ardent snow top peaks
where guileless eagles go to fly
This age knows glacial love
alluvial gifts in aeonian streams
which settle near with sentiment
and brings this landscape home


The fall at summer's end
will not come between us
as the best I know is you
as we wrap  around
this enraptured dream
these captured hearts
and whisper melody
while recounting joys
of that day every day
that we met love


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