Seattle's 'Squid Ro'    1902 -   
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
1 day ago

I was walking on the sidewalk
down the street this morning
and I noticed the birds in a tree
were smoking English cigarettes.

-cec   Love's Sorrow (Piano Solo) — Fritz Kreisler (Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso) +Sheet
1 day ago

you stare at me
me a muddy shoe
(as if) your assassination knew
I am of moistened earth

a stealing eye bounced
down ground to head
in an idea instant ounce
you made a pie of dread

you hide behind tight lips
recluse to give look back
when too late passing slips
and recognition lacks

so strangers drape our views
as nature idles by
our human face we snooze
and life becomes bone-dry


1 day ago

Watching the sundown when the sunrise is only night's away.

- cec

2 days ago

Cerise waves as evening suns
seas rising in Luna's wake
pulling with a solemn heart
rise and fall of fluid ache

violins pitch a rosined lament
torrents of passionate volume
vibrating sympathetic strings pent
in hollow board's solitude

Seasons drift wax paper boats
as violas rivulet a somber trace
leaves carve out erratic course
Jack down the hill at hobby pace

Sway dear stars in night ink's black
lift up this soul's anvil fiber
pluck each sinew raw tip fingers
play horizon's vibrato rack

-cec  - Four Seasons by Vivaldi
3 days ago

Sleeping round lost hours
dusting off loose grains
blank sands of meter etch
these thoughts in years
with folds of memories' minutes
as climb soft dunes in white of day
There color up mirages vivid
toe trip steps deep in Déjà vu
while riddle Sphinx of ancients past
and book with bark in watermark
that course a passage month
So tilt a cup of coffee's smell
and land upon a distant shore
where currents, time's eventful layers
occasioned by dynastic falls
will cant that call to cadence
as we lay these stones of measure
upon that distant shore


4 days ago

Unmake this form
draw me in with gravity
force of a compressed star
grind these atoms into love
let this be an end and beginning
there to discover your heart's soul

Draw me in with gravity
finding center dearest
wrap around a solar wind
burn this fleeting doubt
bursts with nova kisses
there to learn your heart's soul

Finding center dearest
return me into dust
there to find your loving ways
amongst gold melted healing waves
within your horizon's vision
there to port in your heart's soul


5 days ago

With your back against the bricks
and a gun within your hand
snaking eyes around blind corners
as you brace to make your stand
rubber soles move over pavement
street reek wafts through heavy air
cat fur flees from slashing danger
empty can sounds kick from care
each breath draws round another moment
hinged in sockets, bone and blood
coiled steel, alarm clock mettle
twelve AM-MO release like flood
bullets sprayed in all directions
writing names as seconds pass
bodies float in three dimensions
held up by trick shattered glass
Cut! a call that rings familiar
Lights! crowd chorus echos back
scenes, machines reflect off mirrors
deceptive smoke obscures effects
cinema conjure embeds eye glitter
concreting a story that clings like fact

-cec  - Jimi Hendrix "Machinegun"
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