Seattle's Squid Ro'    1902 -   
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
1 day ago

Each morning's thought
folds in sunlit origami
season's wish and promise
that you are in these arms


On this early morning walk
before this neighborhood awakes
standing double cheeping trees
as though, there, birds do tweet

Yet, no net sign of little feathers
or beak and bobbing heads
a cacophony of conversation
perched high, below in apprehension

These trees in urban isolation
have adopted avian occupation
Concrete slabs impinging toes
diesel fuels choke leafy nose

Do these arbors dare conspire
to bring hope out of this old mire
Banded birdies' patriot songs
to your ears do they belong

Seems that nature legions sources
to ally with primal forces
near this metro path and block
On this early morning walk


Dec 7      Dec 7

Sorry for: all the wars
killing innocence in jaws
choke holds of reality
texting mayhem on highways
sheep in wolf's clothing
and vice verses
politicians and their dogs
Stonehenge and sacrifices
all cat walk artifices
drones and their mates
Transformers on a date
sticky octopus wall climbers
icky "Octagon" movie grinder
sorry Chuck
sorry planet Earth
for sorry human dirt


If only love were so easy
we could put it in a jar
along with luminescent firefly

There spend time, idolize
each moments' light, not far,
near dusk and grassy vista's breeze

As night descends so nature's friends
or fairy's flit and flare
ascend allowing fondness free

In open fields such revelry
this unsealed glass with care
yields heart's timbre scend


you, it has always been you
your embrace, it melted eternity
there on a street in round space
that last night, every night
Why? for love, always for love


Tonight I did not write a poem
but it sits there looking at me
as though I were a jeroboam.


How easy 'tis to blurt
goodbye and end this measure curt
forget recondite feelings hurt
which stultifies this heart inert

What game was planned
with tokens known
when gentle hands
played Monte thrown

This novice love regrets its pace
for losing all upon this face
to go from full to half-moon trace
and spiral out of your embrace

If kindness and alacrity
yields such a fateful pedestal
false concocted alchemy
elixired memories bestial

When all is all and said is done
this sun does rise between us
but it does rise its light undone
with greys of rain and sorrow


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