Seattle's Squid Ro'    1902 -   
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
16 hours ago

In dreams
all characters are rooted
in you.
Each role plays through
a card-board cutout;
same face, different holes.
Woke up with a start
ending night's dripping hook,
there was no one there.


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2 days ago

upside down
forming foreign words
that wouldn't fit
in a

2 days ago

you chose to forget
love melted in crucible
of this ferrous heart


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4 days ago      4 days ago

These hands churn pages
after page in each book
sliding along paper skin
and never touching ink
or word, or turn of phrase.
Where point finger crooks
each leaf's edge  intimately
until revealed in grappled lines
a sense for textured quarry.
Within gallop glued spines
and tomes stacked and hoary
you'll find within arms length
manus reaching cornered story.
Closed, opened and indexed
each trail still warm from muse
hound dog eared favored text
relives those cobble-stone blues.


4 days ago

Morning fog burns off
memories, many years ago,
drift dreaming with Edith Piaf
reeling in heart felt bellows

Just a moment's faraway past
then those faces floated close
over books, rows in class
Back now, stopping, future froze

Chalkboard friends young then more
turned marble stone, for entombed now rest
Chiseled lessons deep are scored
time's remains too, few resist behest

What to say at end of day
when woolen chill defines a breeze
to editor of daily press, say,
they were best in any freeze


6 days ago      6 days ago

You skewer day's tough hide
with your sword in hand
watching it bleed words
as it stumbles, lumbers
a few meters, foot, of irony
not quite the epic slay
but cuneiform in vision
while your mind's play
in comedy, tragedy, rhythm
skins a dramatic finale
in imagination's prism
offering up songs with blood's challis


To Zoe; a phresh writer with a giant's first step.

7 days ago

Ariel set free, but,
she is shoaly missed!
Her hair streaming
russet as sunset
waving in current curls
lapping a gentle coast
of neck and shoulders
Her star eyes taper
in obscure night sky,
clear and deepened
locked in love's heed
but, for that instant, flown

Now this universe grinds
toothy spiral gears
casts out comet tears
through vast abysmal mind
searching for that blink
of cosmic gyre expansion's
heart to center every action
for miscued treasured spirit
centrifugal whorl puddle
through time's relentless muddle
there perhaps relate anew
the orbit of this nous


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