Seattle's 'Bollywood'    1901 -   
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
4 days ago      3 days ago

Glacial temper waiting days
polar laid near icy brook
beneath gelid water flowed
mountain's frozen spring rush way

Tiny feather tumbled past
over diamond flecks of light
downy puffballs tremble fast
throwing off their frost filled night

Bare and covered handshake branched
hung in dipping cold curved crooks
loving boughs sans leafy reach
resting beds of duff filled nooks

Call this silence nature's sleep
tranquil hush on windless lips
hoarfrost stamp on hillside's sweep
in wilderness winter's grip


5 days ago

Six-'teen a.m. clock
time estranged ever forward
radio says frost


One block of thought
solid as basalt to touch
spanning ever outward
neither inside or outside
stones and ghosts only fingers
pushed into a balloon skin
with all else pondered, lost
in infinite wheels of dust
only to be hypothesized
this one block naught


cloud's reflected blush
a Lotus flower floats past
fall's buoy adrift


Nov 15      Nov 16

initial keystrokes
executed in couplets
they tripped on a noun


Here, again, an animal back in
a "One Law" jungle-

thin compass needle angles
a cold magnetic place no matter turn taken
each carnage winds in worm knots
manifold images of skulls near skulls
gnashing teeth and empty eye sockets

spears, guns, spears
pointed in slanted emergencies sworn
steaming, staring "Mad Eye Moody"
as though innocence were never born
more created in glassware and junk food

images, images, images
in strobe-light theft of mindful prospects
commenced every second second
pulled as Death's up hill passengers
a reluctant soldier wagged and beckoned

a sword of jotted sun light clarity
slicing umbilical lines anew
verse versus Vesuvian tearing
as nature wakes its molten flesh askew
slithering under burning brush strokes

tarnished Trojan shield, ages token
scared by battle's bulge and clay's tongue
rendered mute by forgetful emptiness
broken tales of mother siege unsung
thrown once again into this abyss


where is love's sticky honey
promised in our fairy tales

here, inside, this shell of outlook
a rhythm waiting beat resides

friends, family, first-sight crushes
standing at an empty stop

chance a glance, then an arrow
strikes its everlasting mark

where is love's sticky honey
promised in a dreamy muse


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