Seattle's 'Squid Ro'    1902 -   
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
3 days ago

"That skull had a tongue in it, and could sing once:" - Hamlet, Act 5, Scene 1

The Missoula Floods of mind
glaciate into this wordscape
irregardless of geo-illogic time
unlax all angst design
damnable miles of icy thoughts
challenging deep fissures of fact
fictions pressured under immense lies
gunshot into innocent brains
for god, my god, forgot us
Oven door mauls open wide again
consuming catastrophic thousands
family pets left on channeled scablands
rib skinny and howling desolation
as kettle lake drowned drum beat
a fortune teller's unknown warning
impending birthday disasters rush
while parasitic protozoans mix blood cocktails
There kneeling millions lament but cheer
with gushing digital players carving ratings
into conveyor belt bedrock beliefs
Oh to hoe a hard row under torrential pains
and ark two and ten upon this lost ocean
scrolling down into super cooled waters
seeping through cracked and crazed pages
one more outburst in the wilderness


4 days ago

"If I give my heart to you ..."
will you mind the bloody mess?
Will you take and store it safe
or throw it in a frying pan?

Will you care in spite of all the nightmares
that will come in twilight zones
and know that we'll make it through
as little things in time heal our broken bones.

Will you give your heart to me
or let it piston seize alone?
Let us take and grasp our chuckle of love
and rise above these clays and stone.

-cec -Kitty Kallen
5 days ago

It's late and turmoil roils in this Pan-
Time is not a friend, it does not wait
it tells of early mornings and labors
it speaks of late night eyes, yawns
forgets why it is awake, dreaming
While alarms lurk in mists
near forgotten adventures and missed embrace
ready to pounce and plunder morning
No, not a friend, an acquaintance
that came to stay one day
on insistence of keepers or takers
a daylight savings bankrupt family picnic
emptying out accounts before accrued interest
All along internal clocks tick in Nature,
seamstress of our equilibrium,
made corporate strumpet walker
on stumps called progress
rattling a maraca can of corner change
pleading in beached whale voice
for a slower pace to tango
or smell the fragrance of tomorrow


7 days ago

Up is down and down is
just because we paused
to see that that is way
way down down down
as down beat upends
these feelings raw
wasn't it you, always you,
that brought up this world
wide city and willing words
hit upside this head with a mania
brick, stick-ball, wall wailing
love, yes, love
sort of
hanging upside down
feeling a foolish frown
clown makeup powder
dusting dry the tears
smiling above eyes clear
now tilted twice


7 days ago

Did not want to write it is
maybe walk away in time
how she, cut, so deep, it hurt
was it just a waste and crime

Started as a conversation
attractive as a flashing light
soon a genial trip for pleasure
spinning into magic night

This epicenter could not hold
trembling of a frisson heart
boundary layers formed, waxed cold
as short wick flicks flame to dark

Nights betray a glacial movement
churning up past episode
aground and lost in fractured moments
to mend, revive, doomed escapade

It seamed in depths so now forgotten
crevasse of unsure steps ill-omened
still faint hope, melts fair, uncommon
will find a favor in measured gnomon


evening's bottom gait
knowing you are gone for long
strides horse hoof echoes


It's Thursday and morning comes electric
a meatloaf pan is in the sink, soaking
bits of onion, dead flesh, and pimento float
heated aluminum and acid's galvanic
in an otherwise similar day's race

How smoothly we move from dreaming pace
just out of reach of awareness' clutch
shifting into low gear shave and shower's touch
fogging film clinging to mirror's face
cataract moisture obscuring vision's ambitions

A creeping light strangled sleep, awakened
impetuous minute eyes unsure dart
crumbs, cold coffee crescents, a la carte
choices rabbit thought, some forsaken
trailing unlucky umbrella, gloves and chewing gum

Wide open door infusing its weather glum
save for one robin's chirp-a-tweet
this universe folds gravity well's street
consuming all commuters mum
staring starkly out oblivion's windowed bus

Dmitri Shostakovich - Waltz No. 2
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