Seattle's 'Squid Ro'    1902 -   
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
Hazard but mostly harmless ...
2 days ago

What Zombies are in need of is a liberated brain.


Turbulent airflow, in mouthing sound, frication, argal; 'what the fricative!'


Her locks fell from her head, to shoulder, heart's secret.


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Wuthering Heights

No one needs to be smart
to touch someones heart.

"Birds of a feather, flock together;" then plot tree domination.


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Wuthering Heights
Wuthering Heights
Mar 6      March 12, 2015

I slapped your
back so hard your heart fell out.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~samples of my other works.


The snowflakes
swirled and danced on an
ocean of foam.


He said his
waxed mustache was his upside
down smile.


Bogs of my apathy
camouflages my sarcasm
lost on you.

amateurs (10W)

Do not try reverse psychology on our love just hug.


Tears falling on a mirror.
Cleansing tomboy times of terror.

Fucking bugs these humans
always asking for shit
don't know their place
think they're in grace
but really they are insane
Now to place blame
no it's not me; But
better it be my friend
my bitch, Satan

-cec  "Sympathy for the Devil" - Rolling Stones

No deities or fallen arch angels were hurt (or believed) in this enactment.
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