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C'est La Vie
C'est La Vie
Bailey Ann
Bailey Ann
Aug 21, 2013      Aug 22, 2013

my pen is screaming at me to pick it up
i dont know to say what
there is nothing in my head but all the words that you've said and everything that ive recently done.
it makes me wonder who ive become
ive seen the hurt caused im no fool
the same thing he did to me, i did to you.
now im going back to sit in that chair
try not to cry, pull my hair and scream
just not care about any sense of control
thats what i lost, not me as a whole
but the control
its to late to go back now
to many things have been said
are we still going back to playing pretend?
i dont think thats what this is anymore
its something ill know for sure
if we can get through this then we can get through everything because ive done everything i can to push you away and in some how in your own twisted way
you still love me and stay
now we will see if these friends are right
we all have a piece of love to give at one point in time
its true when we said sould mates, never ever apart
each one of us holds another in our heart
we've all made and repaired to many scars
thats shaped us into the people we are
so with those little broken pieces of love
that we've only ever known
the causation being our homes
somehow between all these broken hearts and broken bones
we found each other and made our home
somehow by force of nature we are bound
all of our broken pieces of love fit together
changing how we it forever.

this poem is to my 3 best friends and everything right now
Bailey Ann
Bailey Ann
Jul 4, 2013      Jul 5, 2013

i paint beautiful pictures in my head
about how things could be if we were different
this is a world we're not meant to be
that is just going to have to be ok to me i guess
see the thing is, you're not like the rest
the comfortable silence we share
all those cliche things that tell me i'm in love
i know i'm not enough
maybe i am just being a fool
wanting you more than i should
you said yourself im your rock and this will never change
i think your being a fool to
of course things have changed
we went from being friends to lovers
in less than a months time
now everytime i see your face i cant help but think of our bodies being intertwined
your lips igniting everything in my body burning the butterflies to crisp
tell me you don't feel any of this?
just look me in the eyes and kiss me one more time
i crave your body near to whisper sweet nothings in my ear.
ive tried to get you out my system with other guys
its empty space in the sheets there is no heat
tell me when this began
how come sleeping with someone else doesn't feel nearly as good as kissing you?
still by daylight those kisses don't exist
look me in the eyes and say you don't love me
look me in the eyes and say its all in my head
and i promise to be the bestest friend you've ever had.

Bailey Ann
Bailey Ann
Jul 2, 2013      Jul 3, 2013

sitting on the ground slipping into insanity

you call over from the bed to come in your arms

contemplate for a second

then our fingers intertwine

lying down side by side

my mind is down the rabbit hole and you're a crazy fool

looking at you descending into madness the animal inside me can't help but

want  you

Bailey Ann
Bailey Ann
Mar 22, 2013      Mar 22, 2013

Ocean's have  gorges that sink far beneath the surface
when the wind blows
They shake
but never stop crashing on to the surface
beautiful and constantly inconstant
when there is a storm
they roar
grasping at the sturdy land
wearing it down with every breath
In the shallow waters I am pretty enough
you can admire the colors of the reef
how the fish play
dancing with the waves
one day when you want an adventure
I invite you to come under the sea
where the water is deeper
past were most people are willing to go
where there is nothing
just dark
to far down for the light to reach
where mysterious creatures thrive in
down in the depths of the ocean
where it is nothing but black and cold
the place where no human could possibly go
the place where i rest my soul
i am an ocean
i will hold up ships but slip through your finger tips
i am solid
but never quite whole
i am a mystery
i am nothing like what i appear to be
i am me

Bailey Ann
Bailey Ann
Mar 19, 2013      Mar 19, 2013

if i could try and put into words how much i miss you
its not just a word i use frequently
and yes ill "miss" my other friends
not even close to the same way that i miss you
your energy you bring
the intelligence of your presence
when your not around, you can never be replaced
i miss you
like your my home
i miss you
like you are my moon and sun
lighting my world
by day
by night
forever apart
forever by each others side
i miss you
like the summer in the middle of
like the grass misses water
like the ocean misses waves
they will always kiss
but can never stay
i miss you
like a bird who lost their wings misses the sky
i miss you more than you will ever know
i miss the whole you
even the parts i dont like
the parts of you i drag home in the middle of the night
i miss you in your every state
sometimes i wish i would've stayed

missing my bestfriend
Bailey Ann
Bailey Ann
Jan 19, 2013

Inscribe your words on my heart

Show me you never intend to part

Save me from my storm

Can I confess to you my dark side?

Sometimes I dream I was never born..

You’ve become more than a shoulder that bares my tears

You are my floor

When I can’t fall any further, when the air has escaped my lungs

You are my ocean

Sometimes the seas get ruff

Like the captain on a sinking ship, you’ll be here till the last minute

Bailey Ann
Bailey Ann
Dec 12, 2012      Dec 13, 2012

An million times I’ve replayed it this moment in my head

Picked apart trying to see when it began
The scream was piercing, it woke me from my sleep
But it seemed easy At the time,
One of laughter and fun
But I guess that was the last string of innocent remaining
Jolted by the shock of what was about to see next
The one who was there when my father left
The one who was there through the bullies, just you and me against the word.
Forever and always your little girl
You where the protector from all my childish fears
But now here you are convulsing on the stairs and I don’t know what to do.
Slow motion now, time comes to a stop
I’m frozen for what seems like eternity in that one spot
Grow up now
Call the ambulance
Grow up now
Save your sister from this terror
Grow up now
It’s not your time to breakdown
Call everyone
Tell them your world’s fallen apart
The guest in my house is now just another chore
Cook dinner
Take them through a city I don’t even know
Then fly them home
white walls and clean sheets is the only thing I come to know,
She forgets who I am
The memories forgotten, the only thing keeping our existence
40years of life was supposed to be a celebration
Turned out just a sad balloon with an auntie crying on my shoulder
Grow up now
Everything I knew is gone
Your eyes are lost
All the things we’ve seen, all the world’s we’ve explored
Her light was no longer lit
Her eyes are nothing, just an empty shell
Time never seemed to catch up
The hell in my heart never never seem to stop
Because when you came home, your eyes never did
The pain would not end
Our relationship we could not mend
The anger takes hold and I can’t seem to let the past go
It’s not your fault, it’s out of your control
But it’s out of mine to
My haunted future
Because I’m sitting here dwelling on this past
How long can this hell last

my bestfriend wrote a poem to go with this called Bailey's Poem by Devon Duggan-Groleau
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