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unknown // adjustment// feminist
unknown // adjustment// feminist

before i sleep swear to visit my dreams,
whisper broken promises up on my lips let me inhale the poisoned fumes,
i won't stop you,
i will love you,
i will become blind to the lies,
unfeeling to the ties that bind my soul to yours,
you stole my heart,
and refused to give me yours.

Inspired by one of the poems on the LEMONADE album. Hope you like it.
#love   #promises   #sleep   #poison   #false  

i see the world in her eyes,
she is mother earth,
her skin the colour of the richest earth bringing forth a plentiful harvest,
her limbs long; beautiful and they flow like the waves calm and graceful but capable,
her hips wide bearing the greatest fruit; you; me and what shall be,
her feet are rooted strong and steady,
from her lips come the gentle winds or the thunderous storms.
mother nature in all her wonders

this poem is inspired by some imagery by Sara Golish.
#beautiful   #nature   #mother   #grace   #earth   #natural  

allow our minds to collide in a kaleidoscope of thoughts,
fear and love intertwined like overgrown ivy vines racing to the moon arms stretched out grabbing at the beams bursting.
peacefully we lay here in our own silence.

#love   #moon   #lovers   #different   #minds  
Sarah Salako
Sarah Salako
Nov 26, 2016

growth is a process,
a slowly setting lingering process,
'growing up' is something i have always feared,
looking back and missing my youthful years,
only to be confronted by the struggles of adulthood,
wanting to stay inside my mother's embrace,
but growth is a process that always takes place.

the process of growing up through the eyes of fearful youths
Sarah Salako
Sarah Salako
Oct 27, 2016

you are beautiful
despite the harsh lashes that society gives
you truly are

your eyes come in countless shades of browns, greens and blues
such beautiful blues yet i only hear a sorrowful tune

your hair is wondrous
it either reaches to caress the rays of the sun or falls to flow with the oceans tides

your skin
as pale as freshly fallen snow or packed with melanin so thickly the night turns to you in despair

you are beautiful
don't believe otherwise

This is a poem inspired by Rupi Kaur about beauty. Everyone is unique and that is beauty in its purest form
#love   #truth   #peace   #beauty   #believe   #unique  
  Oct 26 2016  Sarah Salako
Liz Balise
Liz Balise
Oct 1, 2016

I hold your life inside my own
as you hold me
in your sea of seeds and waving reeds
Beach grass on breast of sand

Ripples of wind
Across my dune
your hand

Tracing the mark of a high tide
with my wanderings
Will I be the last?
to recall its highest reach upon the land?
I note the smell of dead and ebb
Would change it all on my return
if it were up to me

And once I started running out
“Wait! O, Wait!”

Black breaks
The sand bars
between the tide pool’s
red whispers of you

I now believe
gulls turn time in their wings

#love   #lost   #sunset   #beach  
Sarah Salako
Sarah Salako
Oct 3, 2016

i know i tell you i love you everyday,
but that doesn't even come close to what i'm trying to say,
you are my idol,
your strength and wisdom is mountainous,
you are beautiful,
your smile is marvelous,
you understand me when no else does,
you never turn your back on me even when the world does,
you keep me above the water though i almost sink in despair,
you taught me the love of god when my soul was bare,
my mother is a queen,
her head never bowed,
if you meet her eyes,
you might just cowl,
but if you look closer and try to see what I see,
love is plentiful for all not just me,
so mother this is one of my many poems to you,
i will write about you forever,
for you are my star.

This is a poem to my mother I hope you guys like it... and she does too ;D
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