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André Fernandes
André Fernandes
Jun 1, 2014

«Your life was offered to you;
There is no greater gift.

Forget the gold, forget the time,
from life such things are born.

if your eyes were meant to change the world,
know this:

The moment is now.»

#gold   #life   #world   #time   #change   #gift  
André Fernandes
André Fernandes
Jan 19, 2016

I left home to search for an endless road
and I will go wherever it may take me.

Through visible and invisible,
I'll rain new rivers out of many seas,
and sleep deep dreams under the willow trees.

Through sunless mornings and many nightfalls,
I'll wander true places that host lair to thousands of tales,
and all this I'll do while erasing my trail.

Because once I take these many roads of life,
I can't come back home
to be the same that I was when I left.

André Fernandes
André Fernandes
Apr 2, 2016

Before I burn
This diary,
I will gently
Rise my bent knee
And name you
My humble wishes:

Offer me sanctuary.
Be my peace of mind.
Grant me your summer smile
In days of wintery rain.
I will faint and return
By the grace of your autumn air.
I will beat the wind
That rises tides out of your kind hearted soul.

I want to fall asleep
And feel the sun on my face
Sheltered in your arms,
Caressed by your fingers.

I will greet many days
And reach out many smiles
If the only life I have left
Remains blessed
By your presence,
My love.

André Fernandes
André Fernandes
Mar 31, 2016

how many sunrises is a lifetime worth?

André Fernandes
André Fernandes
Aug 26, 2015

A luz febril da infância rompe pelo milharal dourado.
O Rei Sol adormece, para lá do âmbito,
para lá do Fim dos Tempos.

Não será a última vez.


The feverish light of infancy
strikes deep
in thru the golden cornfields.

Her sun souled feet
won’t stand still -
they rave the sand
of endless seas.

No life, no death,
just the ride in between.

Once upon a time
the gods made us
and we made them.

André Fernandes
André Fernandes
Dec 10, 2015

I kiss your raw lips
and say goodbye.
The sun has yet to rise.

Let us walk in peace
with the morning star.
We should make love & die.

We shoud live life every day,
not just for some day.

Love. Love. Love.
Sweet darling, I’m here,
by the fog, by the light.

With you here,
Time lies within Time
and ages slip away into seconds,
and seconds turn into Love,
which will feed on my soul for all time.

André Fernandes
André Fernandes
Feb 9, 2016

As I write ifs and elses
& grab some dreams
out of the shelf,

I am struck by
a miracle with beautiful legs.

I am struck again
by a feather with a soft spring song.

And I lose my mind
to these little things that belong
to that time before summer.

The melody that echoes in my humming
and your beautiful uncompromising pace
send my spinning wheel of emotions
to never ending places.

To love you is to write you down,
word for word, until the pen loses its ink,
and another days goes by in dazes
and it could rain deserts for all I care.

All of the sudden,
my poem gets touched by other,
and that’s how poetry is made,
you see?

She lives in all of us,
somewhere, somehow,
waiting to be unfolded.

And the day will come
that the best poem will come bursting
out of an entire life of compilations.

André Fernandes
André Fernandes
Mar 6, 2016

The spontaneous momentums
of my wild laughter
try to keep up
w/ all these insane rides of my life.

I know me well and I lack discipline.
But that won’t mean a thing tomorrow,
because I’ll live more, and I’ll know better.

When you and I talked for hours on end
we sheltered on each other’s hopes & dreams,
and promised never to fear crossroads in our journey.

We let go of that strange need for constant presence,
because where there is friendship, there is a place
with warmth enough to sleep by the fire.

When you came to me in tears, lost in your own world,
I talked you out of it and showed you mine,
and you smiled: “How can you be so happy?”

And I said:
“I choose the color of my days.”

The universe was a given
from the get-go,
and we are flowers that can choose
to grow, each day.

It has been said before
many times
by different words,

but happiness happens.

André Fernandes
André Fernandes
Apr 23, 2016

Overwrite moments w/ 1s and 0s,
in binary mood,
until love is gone for good.

Do you remember when we
were 1 amongst many 0s?

What was once the sound
of a smile in your laughter,
tied together by sine waves,
will become empty 1s, empty 0s
after we press ‘Y’.

And the machine will
wipe the sectors for days,
until the cycles become unreadable,
and that’s when
our love will truly be gone for good.

Like a puzzle you try to solve
with the wrong pieces.

And now smashes the hammer.
Only the hit will tell
how gone for good our love will be.

A poem about losing something that you can't really recover. Like data in computers.
#it   #techno   #binary  
André Fernandes
André Fernandes
Aug 20, 2015

«You always write the weirdest things»,
she says with a java jive smile.
The sun burns red among the living.

I lay down with my thoughts,
what a marvelous sight:
you and the river.

I guess you are unique
in a world of colors,
so paint at your will.

And if my colors should fail
and jeopardize the painting,
I'll know what to do.

I'll kill every morning,
waste every sun.

I'd rather stay on the shore
and watch you happen
than to live with half a smile.

André Fernandes
André Fernandes
Nov 25, 2015

when the lights go down low
my feet will shake to that sweet sunny glow.

when that good ol' jazzy jazz spurs into my thoughts
my one and only concern will be not to stop.

when I’m taking that kind of high
I swear I don’t, I don’t need to know why

but I know this:
when that feeling of bliss arrive
I'll know for sure why I'm alive.

André Fernandes
André Fernandes
Aug 24, 2015

As I pondered thru rivers & streets
& breathed dusk of lemon scents, I
chose an ancient star to gaze & waste my
contemplations on;

In my writings, I bled my soul
to give life to the distant star;
I wasted all the words in the world.

Then she was gone. I sat alone with a poem.
I was never enough,
but I was alright.

I’d exchange all the things I’ve ever loved
for a chance in the sun.

André Fernandes
André Fernandes
Nov 5, 2015

when day is done
the sons of metalurgy
will return home -
dusk upon their shoulder
and a sharp eye
looking for trouble.

but time flows ever onward
and many more twilights
will show.

the search will feel ancient
and the chest of memories
will weight a lifetime.

she and the moon glare in the distance:
how many dreams it will take
to walk the one and only road?

#dream   #home   #trouble   #infinite   #sensation   #dusk  
André Fernandes
André Fernandes
Aug 19, 2015

Outside the subway we
saw an old man
dancing in the rain.

[There he gave
birth to a revolution.

Dare to say
he was only a man,
like me, like you,
born to rule, to conquer,
to defy, to rave,
to seize
the promise of another day.

There was a
sweet conversation
in his mind, where he ruled
kings in his wisdom.

All the gold in the world
couldn’t beat his
dancing soul.]

Outside the station we
did not see a man -
we saw the sun aligned with the stars.

And it makes you wonder
if such gentle and uncompromising act
alone justifies the purpose of existing.

André Fernandes
André Fernandes
Mar 5, 2016

when dawn arise,
I will forget who I am
and kiss the earth.

I might smile a thousand suns
and cry a thousand moons.

If it’s all the same to you,
I’d like to be alone
until our time feels right.

You were the dream I never expected to come true,
but now you are here.

I am blessed:
The dawn is rising with you.

André Fernandes
André Fernandes
Sep 5, 2015

poems are
translations of your soul to the real world -
the echoes of something you once felt.

strong feelings and memories
often produce the most beautiful pieces of poetry.

no wonder we write so many love letters.

André Fernandes
André Fernandes
Apr 5, 2016

She walked in the café
and asked for a red apple,
and I was sitting there,
falling in love,
with a green apple on my hand.

We eyed each other, as man and woman do,
and we laughed at each other’s apples
holding an ‘hello’ still to come.

#love   #man   #days   #green   #apple   #red   #woman   #college   #youth  
André Fernandes
André Fernandes
Feb 23, 2016

the ring that ruled
before dawn and day,
o'er summer & an old sun
with its shafts of remebrance;

shall it remain in middle-earth
and the Dark Lord will feed upon all that is green;
shall it become fire from the mountain
and fair lairs will tremble with the wind of age.

but what is to be must be;
all we have left is what we always had:
the power of a single day that is given to us -
one road to fulfill, to live, and to love.

André Fernandes
André Fernandes
Aug 27, 2015

To kill the dream
is to kill the self -
the suicide of days.

Imagine a life
where your only dream
is to dream,

where you live unaware
of something else, better.

What if the only thing that makes you wake up in a cold wintery morning is a fantasy?

What if a single dream is sustaining the weight of your entire universe?

«Matar o sonho é matarmo-nos. É mutilar a nossa alma. O sonho é o que temos de realmente nosso, de impenetravelmente e inexpugnavelmente nosso.»

- Fernando Pessoa
#dream   #fantasy   #fernando   #pessoa  
André Fernandes
André Fernandes
Dec 24, 2015

gonna hold my soul
to the devil untold;
just a cup of coffee
and you'll never know.

they wait and they wait.
If only they learned how to bend the winds,
their ships would go anywhere.

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