Earth    1999 -    
It's an adventure. I'm chasing sunlight and fighting dragons in my mind.
Want to join me?
It's an adventure. I'm chasing sunlight and fighting dragons in my mind.
Want to join me?
Amethyst Fyre
Amethyst Fyre
12 hours ago

I send my soul into the sky
Words trying to make noise in a void
It is vulnerability without the teeth-chattering life or death roulette

We are all the same when we get to this place
Dying hands searching for someone to hold on to

There are people here who care
They don't know your name
But they will send love and support your way
Words to pull you from your pain

It is strange that the people who you will never meet know you better than those you already know

It's the greatest feeling for someone's lonely voice to come across the void and tell you
You are not alone

I hope I can be here for you invisible strangers
The same as you have been for me
I hope you all know
That you are more than enough
I hope you all can hear my voice when I whisper
thank you

Thank you poets :)
Amethyst Fyre
Amethyst Fyre
13 hours ago

The evidence of the crime is hardly ever as prominent as it is portrayed in your mind
When people don't know they should be looking, they will never know
Often it is not the facts that give you up
But the guilt
Your own deceit pushing you further toward the edge
But if you can keep the guilt under lock and key,
A well-planned story, just in case, is all you really need

Although they seem a glaring proclamation in red to me, they are in fact no more than simple scratches across my skin, organized in neat lines, nearly hidden by the way I hold my arm

Sometimes, I wonder at how much we don't see

Amethyst Fyre
Amethyst Fyre
1 day ago

Grab my hand he says
I know what you're going through
The cycles of firey independance
That you can make it, on your own
The wrenching despair
The flashing moment where you don't want to be here anymore
And it all seems so pointless
I know it
We don't have to be here anymore
Take my hand he says
I take his hand
And when the ensuing darkness falls around me
Like choatic endless falling stars
I do not run, I am relieved
My heartbeat is the last thing I hear before he leads me
Into the wild, overgrown garden of sleep.

Amethyst Fyre
Amethyst Fyre
1 day ago

I think I might know what it feels like to be adopted
You know where everything is in the kitchen and how to work the dishwasher
You walk the dog, you're a part of family movie night
You're accepted and loved
But some quiet part of you
Desperately asks to go home
Even though you know there is nowhere left to go

Amethyst Fyre
Amethyst Fyre
2 days ago

Sitting with my laptop on top of the blanket, hot against my legs
I feel like a writer
The ideas burning quickly through my mind
Characters, conversations conjured

Why do I always do this?
Abandoning yet another half-finished story, its characters crying for an ending
But a new story calls louder
This time, I'll finish it
Take four

Amethyst Fyre
Amethyst Fyre
3 days ago

I feel like someone just kicked me in the head and everything suddenly
shifted into place while I laid on the floor, stunned

I realized that not one single person on Earth
has any idea what they're doing

Oh, we get used to things
we memorize our facts
we unlock our doors, pay our bills
some of us write laws, some of us save lives
but not one of us is in control
not one of us really knows what we're doing

There's no adult left to tell you what to do
They have just as few answers as you
And even when you reach that hidden line
Nothing changes, you're still a clueless child fumbling with made-up things
and dreams, just with more responsibility
and more consequences

so many more
a web of lives tangled in your sleepy fingers

I don't understand how the whole world isn't huddled together in fear
Not one of us knows anything
But at least all together we could try to learn
we could find puzzle pieces, we could question the stars
we should help each other
instead of feeding our egos
Pretending we already know it all.

Amethyst Fyre
Amethyst Fyre
4 days ago

Why do people always feel compelled to say
how are you
when they pass me in the halls?

Nothing feels more inauthentic than hurrying by each other
Hurtling the social script at retreating backs

Sometimes I don't respond, leave the question hanging in the air
Sometimes I don't say it back, an awkward lopsided exchange

We already know what I'm going to say
And, I'm pretty sure, we all already know
It isn't true

I'm tired of lying
And I'm tired of polite nonsense exchanges
Just smile at me and move on

I'm fine, how are you? I say

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