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Nothing here is autobiographical, I write when I have something to say, and create characters to do so.
Nothing here is autobiographical, I write when I have something to say, and create characters to do so.
Alex Negri
Alex Negri
13 hours ago

When we think we revolt
we really don't.
We just join the cult,
of youthful clones.

our parents did the same,
our peers are not insane.
The law is not "just bull"
the prisons are all full.

How can you "be alone"
when everyone is home,
doing what you've done before,
as if you've ever soared.

You think sex makes you the man?
Well we are overpopulated Mr. Stan.
Don't pretend there is a door,
your open as the store you little whore.

smoking kills we all know that,
and how would we have learned if you were first, you TWAT!
Sit down you have nothing to say.
It would be the same as what I heard yesterday.

Alex Negri
Alex Negri
14 hours ago

Behind the stories of old bad luck,
lay Lucifer and his surrogate beginning to fuck.
Draining every swamp of muck,
releasing the morbidly hunted buck.
You married the woman who carries the child,
Satans last son you are now in denial.
Swallow your pride this is not done in style,
we the people have brought our own trials.

Sorry for the swearing...
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Alex Negri
Alex Negri
14 hours ago

Would you feel the pain,
if a million emotions hit you like rain?
Would you understand,
if they fell on you like grains of sand?
How then would you approach it,
if you were called a counterfeit.
Could you handle it?
You'd probably wanna sit.
I can tell you everything,
and man its gonna sting.

Alex Negri
Alex Negri
15 hours ago

Is this the life you lead?
To take out small animals and beat them?
you don't scare me or disgust me,
but you dare me and trust me.
Is that how you wish to live?
In peril forever of karma awaking?
It should hurt you and burn you,
but your dirt stew has turned blue.

Alex Negri
Alex Negri
15 hours ago

Dear "The Kid"

So this is what I'm feeling...I don't like you, and you definitely don't like me, even though you used to pretend to. But I wanna meet up at the convention, I really wanna help you out. You aint doing a thing right, and its hurting you as much as it hurts me. Keep it up buddy and you'll have nobody to save you.


Alex Negri
Alex Negri
15 hours ago

Blissfully staring at Cinderella.
Her beauty stuns, and takes your soul along a blind trip,
into her castle and you feel the wonder,
though you cannot see,
you know where you are,
but somehow you know not at all of your location,
but the feeling, Its worth all other senses to feel it for one moment.

Alex Negri
Alex Negri
16 hours ago

The potent throne of pride.
Can nothing penetrate its pedestal?
Can light come through the veil that hangs over your seat?
Do the noble men know?
Do they see how far you may go just to prove to yourself that your boots are higher?
Just to show his song?
he loves you because he controls you like a kite,
but hates you because the kite of your soul may fly higher than him.
yet you still only pull gently.
what heresy is this!
How dare you wimp, to put your own life above the good will of man.
How can you sleep at night, bed full of prostitutes fucking you gently into oblivion.
You have permission to yell.
"Fuck you Bitch, you are the work of Satan"and throw them off the docks.
They stole your soul.
Now use your anger to kill more.

I usually hate vulgarity in things like this...It was necessary here.
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