I listen a while, I watch a while, from up there, what I see I write, I steal from you a memory and I give....... forever

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I listen a while, I watch a while, from up there, what I see I write, I steal from you a memory and I give....... forever

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I am not you
You nor me
Two lives lived
Diverging pathways
Intertwined in separate lifetimes
Meeting as a glimpse in this
A passing in that

Cherished be this meeting of souls
For it be lost again
Until the next passing
Not remembered in the last
But known as a feeling
A memory forgotten
Sensed on the drift of the stars
Only a memory

Cherish time spent as this will pass
Time erases yesterday
Hurt erases tomorrow
A cut on a slender wrist
Only reminds of what has been
Yet lingers as a gentle reminder
Of the two who loved

A heart wrapped slender in barbed desire
A trick of words spilt on wonton tongue
Half truths and denial litter sentences that mean nothing
Left to rot amongst the discarded souls

Little left for the eye to imagine
A life lived in hateful shadows
Ruminates upon reliving again
Scars that envelope a hearts living

Breath for the self sustains only a single heartbeat
Little else grows in a life less filled with sun
Cut out and again in an breath of one
Hurt is filled in the one less loved

Growth is suppressed as a step is backwards
Into the shadow of the lightless sun
Actions that cut scarring new skin
I close my eyes wishing to cease seeing

Proudly displaying a heart worn sleeve
From the sun that rises discovering a dream
A mask that is worn bleeds acid and tears
Splattered on canvas a breath is believed
A thousand faces peer from beneath
Blindfold draws out an Angels scream
Pierce these hand from thorns of green
A mumble of words unheard by those unspoken
Silence bleeds vermillion scratchings left on a wall
My name is said in the evenings ache
It's taken seven lifetimes for me to awake

Silver trembles at thought of loneliness
Endured in the light of the new moon
Eyes cast to the heavens from lands away
Viewing the same stars in constellations unknown
And I kiss

Silken touches of skin electric
Tenderness devours eclectic rhythms born of sorrow
Words left unsaid feed the baying hounds
Confuse the jester now as a card is played
And I kiss

Layered in cashmere you hide to obscure
Kaleidoscopic distortions live the truth
Eyes give away reality to that left unsaid
Shrouded in protection giving way to seduction
And I kiss

In the realm of another place I see your reflection
As a single hand touches as words whisper unspoken
Reveal trust in the guise of forever
Reveal yesterdays torment as another scar of protection
And I kiss

Sail me through the wake in seas of a calm storm
Intolerable as the future guides nothingness
Weening from the teet of a new day
Hidden in the illusion of self doubt
And I kiss

Dodging raindrops as they fall gold from the stars
Skin coloured alabaster glistening in the sun
I call nothing and whisper your name
A gypsy’s smile cast in a spell of love
And I kiss

In the last kiss goodbye
I linger a moment more
Holding your breath
Listening to the evermore
And I kiss

© 2014 Adrian AIDZ Giannini

Rust descends on us now
As flickering candlelight shows our many facets

Much maligned I rest on blended knee
Raising my head as it is guided by your hands

Eyes meet eyes exposing tortured souls
Each knowing the others past before word are spoken

The last of the moons crescent glimmers silver
Darkness exposing the fragility of our humanity

The uneven rhythm of lapping waves match our heartbeat
Calming the demons that live beneath this, our skin

Each soul has met before on the fields of sunset
Painted hues of vermillion coating the sky as it once coated our hands

Yesterday ends as tomorrow begins
Both knowing that this dance lives in eternity

Twisted in the shards that lie dying on the canvas
Fragments of hope sung on beats of a butterflies wing
Can you see me now as I kiss the refracted light
Lullabies burn devouring colours from the sunset

Dislocated by the congealed blood under these fingernails
Dissipating memories recoil as today forms the photographs of a mind
From here we can see the shadow of the gods as they rest now
Building from the beginnings as life turns it back on what has begun

Reality bleeds into the river as one to have never seen love
Tasting virtues belonging to another time I do the best i can
Footsteps leave a trace in rays of sunlight burnt into this skin
Blowing the dust from the ground as I sit and I wait

© 2014 Adrian AIDZ Giannini

colours blend turning to black as the sunsets on another day
lived again on the edge of a rusty blade balanced on the tip of another soul
how would you know what it means to feel as my bleeding fingertips stain the sun

reflected in the convex mirrors distorting the shades of yesterday
hints of redemption savour the Harlequins trust blown as kiss in the ether
standing on time borrowed from the Gypsy as she casts another spell into the wind

awakening huddled tightly into your soul as it calms me from the shadows
I capture your breath in mine and gather thoughts and dreams as the waves break
saving the wreckage outcast as a comfort scattered amongst a crackled sky

redemption scribbled quickly on the back of a postcard yet to be sent
seven skins devoured temper the soul as we dream of a clear blue sky
inject adrenaline appeasing the heart as my head bows and cries as I inject again

© 2014 Adrian AIDZ Giannini

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