"You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens." ~Rumi ♾
"You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens." ~Rumi ♾
5 days ago

Leave the pieces to call where they may
I won't be the one to pick them all up
Her curls fall and wrap around her fingers
Like lilacs they float soft as petals
How do you capture the very spirit of her?
And would you keep it in a jar
Like fireflies
Brightest wit you'll ever meet
From the girl who doesn't act so sweetly
She'll leave lip gloss in your thoughts
And give you drawings instead of watches
How do you keep up with a girl like that?
If she can't walk she's crawling through hallways
To get to the nearest interstate

  7d  Namaskar
7 days ago

Most mornings I have to get up
With the wolf moon
And do a whimper instead of a howl

One eye closes more than the other
And I'm full of tired blood

I have to find the hidden school bags
Argue about vegatble haircuts
Brush teeth, do smiles
Burn toast and act in a slightly insane
But fun way

The sex and drugs and rock and roll
Is school runs, nativities and naughty steps
(But I always stand before they count to 10)

I drop them off with an assorted collection of ladies
With accents and lots of patience
Most of them have professional smiles

My boy prefers the blond with the large pretty head
And eyes like a wild cat. He cuddles up with her
And she cooks his meals and takes his shoes off
And does his washing and never kicks his friends out
She keeps him entertained
She is careful not to get him angry, and let's
Him have all the toys and tools he wants
When he never gets round to the jobs

He is 1 and already like an armchair husband.

The boy loves nursery.

Mar 14

I could never be friends with someone like them

Yes but-

Why was I ever friends with her

Mar 13

You get nauseous
She asks if you're okay?
And you say it's just the foot
And when she tries to make sure
That you're okay you smile and hug her
This is the most you've been touched in
Forever and you miss the warmth that
You get from him and you love him
And she can't know because he's
Technically not yours? But he
Loves you and he loves you
And he loves and loves
And you

Mar 13

The truth is that
I don't get enough sleep
And I don't want to wake up

  Mar 13  Namaskar
Mar 13

Pick those eyes from off the floor, kid
I know it's not what you're used to
Learn to crack a smile,  kid
No ones going to do it for you

And stop tossing your eggs all in one basket, kid
What I'm saying is...
Stop depending on one girl
to determine all of your happiness

So step out of  the shadows
And flaunt those pearly whites, kid
These dark days won't miss you
So move on to where the light is

Mar 11

I beg you not to stop
Your hands like rivers
Sculpt my inner thighs
Digging into my eyes
Yours are deep as coal mines

Bridge my back and make me laugh
Your smile like wooden craft
Stiff and cracked
But beautiful and lasts

Gentle like the rain
I let you kiss my matted frame
Both hearts are in a foot race
And I can hear yours
saying my name

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