Kansas City, MO    1985 -    
I write to help relieve the pain of living.
Limericks are horribly underrated.
I write to help relieve the pain of living.
Limericks are horribly underrated.

Sunshine pouring through the window
Better days ahead
Warm winds are blowing now
Nothing left to dread
Weather can change at anytime
Must stay vigilant
For if there is a hurricane
I'll have no incident
Right now shine down upon me
I will soak it in
For right now we're happy
I don't want it to end

I don't know how to feel
It seems this isn't real
Our love so deep for years
Ended with bruises and tears
Now you're gone and dead
Relieving my feelings of dread

No more reasons to be afraid
No more asking me to get laid
No calls in the middle of night
No more arguing and fights
It's hard to be so sad
When what's gone is the bad

Yet, my love was deep
Your future I wanted to peep
Improvements I noticed were made
Can't make progress from the grave
So now I sit here bemused
Devastated. Relieved. Confused.

The father of my children was tragically murdered by some random mugger. I miss him and I'm glad he's gone. Terrible......I know.

I just can't get it together
Problems, including the weather
Plan and try
As time goes by
They can't hold me back forever

#forever   #try   #limerick   #plan   #determined  
Renee 'Wisera'
Renee 'Wisera'
Nov 23, 2016

You and I just couldn't be
I am fire and you gasoline
Now you're gone and it's devastating
I just realized you still loved me

The father of my children was murdered this morning
Renee 'Wisera'
Renee 'Wisera'
Nov 13, 2016

Lonely life, lonely love
You're the one I'm thinking of
If you ever see me pray
Know it was for you this day

Renee 'Wisera'
Renee 'Wisera'
Oct 26, 2016

My goodness! I'm on a roll
Inspiration without the toll
Thank you my friend
You're a godsend
For relief from this relentless black hole

Temporal Fugue has me cracking up
#friend   #muse   #limerick   #relief  
Renee 'Wisera'
Renee 'Wisera'
Oct 24, 2016

I long for the trees
Sun shade and sweet breeze
Beauty to bring you to your knees

I long for the trails
Made by animals with little tails
With imprints in the dirt from their nails

I long for the streams
and the things that it brings
Little fish, frogs, and other things

I long for the birds
That make their song heard
Cheers and lullabies without any words

I long for the boughs
The bark is comfort now
Like a friend that's always around

#friend   #tree   #song   #comfort   #stream   #forest   #bird   #trail  
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