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I have been writing since 1971 and have been published on and off since 1972. I am married to Pauline(34 years this year) with eight children( my eldest son Ole died in January 2014 from sepsis). I have e books published of my poetry, short stories and stage plays. Go to Amazon, Nook or Kobo or other e book outlets.
I have been writing since 1971 and have been published on and off since 1972. I am married to Pauline(34 years this year) with eight children( my eldest son Ole died in January 2014 from sepsis). I have e books published of my poetry, short stories and stage plays. Go to Amazon, Nook or Kobo or other e book outlets.
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
23 hours ago

Benny's old man said
for you to use and enjoy
but be careful.

So Benny
and his sister Naomi
went down
the concrete stairs
of the flats
and into the Square
with the small box
of fireworks.

Benny lit them
and others nearby
watched and were thrilled.

After it was over
the other kids clapped.

Then Hem
Lydia's brother
threw a banger
at Naomi
she screamed
and Benny chased Hem
but Hem ran fast.

He ran through
the Square
the slope
to Rockingham Street.

Benny was on his tail
filled with anger
that Hem had thrown
the firework at his sister.

Hem panicked
when he saw Benny
was on his tail
ran across the road
without looking
but nothing was coming.

Benny ran after him
cornered him
against the wall
of the big factory
pinned him there
punched him
with fury.

Hem pleaded
just for a bit of fun
but Benny whacked him
until his anger had seeped.

He walked away
leaving the boy
on the ground
holding his stomach.

The evening was
creeping in
the sky darkening.

Benny walked back
up the slope
looking behind
at the big
moaning dope.

#night   #kids   #london   #firework   #1958  
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
1 day ago

Eggs wren eggs
Jane said
leaning into
the hedgerow
parting branches
with her hands.

Benny looked over
her shoulder
smelt apples
and flowers.

We mustn't
touch them
she said
or the mother wren
won't return again.

Benny stood just
behind her taking in
her dark hair
shoulder length
her slim fingers
holding back
the branches.

He could see
the small eggs.

A kid at school
brought one
of those in
Benny said
it had a hole
at either end.

That's bad
she said
robbing nests
and taking a life.

I guess it is
Benny said
he had it wrapped
in an handkerchief
and was showing us
in the playground
at recess.

She stepped back
and let the branches
return to how they were.

You wouldn't do
that would you?
she said.

No of course not
he said.

She smiled
I'm glad you wouldn't
Daddy says it is
against God's will
she added.

There was a sparrow's nest
up over by the farm track
Benny said.

They walked up the lane
and he showed her
the nest and the eggs
still there untouched
or harmed.

Their elbows touched
as they leaned
together to look
skin on skin.

He wanted to kiss her
but didn't in
case it was
(in her father's eyes)
a sin.

#girl   #boy   #eggs   #1961   #sussex  
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
2 days ago

Drizzle came
Lydia gazed out
her bedroom window.

She had wanted
to go out
now she'd
have to wait.

Her big sister Gloria
slept in the bed
behind her snoring.

The boyfriend
lay beside her
mouth open
sleeping soundly.

Lydia sighed
she had to sleep
in the cot bed
because of him
which was getting
too small for her.

She looked
as raindrops
hit the windowpane.

The radio was playing
in the front room
her mother
singing along
to some big
band music.

She wanted
to go out
and see Benny
and go somewhere
but now she had
to stay in until
the drizzle stopped.

She could see
the green grass
and the abandoned
bomb shelter
outside the window
of the flats.

Sometimes kids
played on it
making out
it was a castle
or a fort
to be fought over.

fecking drizzle
she whispered
not letting her mother
hear her or she'd
wash her mouth out
with soap and water
her 10 year old
naughty daughter.

#girl   #london   #1958  
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
2 days ago

Martha closed the door
of the side chapel.

Sunlight shone through
the coloured glass
onto the statue
of St Therese
and on the crucifix.

She stared at them both
it was so quiet
she felt she could hear
her heart beating.

She walked
to the Crucified
and touched His feet
with her fingers.

Looking up
she could see
His half closed eyes
looking down at her.

St Therese
looked down
at the floor
eyes unmoving.

Martha kissed
the nailed feet
felt the cold plaster
stood back
looked at His hands
nailed wide
hands making claws
in their agony.

The door opened
behind her
the old nun
who walked with a stick
entered and said
what are you doing
in here Macquire?

Martha turned around
and gazed at the nun
contemplating our Lord
she replied.

Girls are not
to be in here
the nun said
now go.

Martha looked
at the crucifix
and said
see you later
and walked past
the nun taking in
her aged face
as she did so.  

She walked down
the passageway
the nun's clickedy stick
following behind
sounding like one
who was blind.

#girl   #school   #nun   #convent   #eire   #1963  
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
3 days ago

Blow after blow
Enid's father gave
her mother.

Enid ran
to her room
and closed the door
and stood by the window.

She peered at the door
in case her father
followed her there
and hit her too.

Cries came from
the other room
conflicting with
the TV sounds.

She bit her lip
waiting wondering
what started up
this latest argument
pushing the door shut
with her mind against
her father's entrance
should he come.

The TV stopped
whimpers simmered
from the other room
a door slammed.

Enid stared at the door
wished Benny was there
beside her.

She hugged herself
her small hands
on her arms
noticing the dark
wooden panels.

The radio
was turned on
from the front room
the crying stopped.

Enid ventured out
and stood
in the passageway
wishing her father
far far far away.

#life   #girl   #abusive   #london   #1957  
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
4 days ago

Alcohol that time
in Lourdes, sneaking
into a bar, while
others walked around
chanting their Aves.

Sitting with a beer
listening to the locals
chat in French. Nurses
from the local nursing
homes, laughing. Es-tu
seul Monsieur? One said.

I made gestures with open
hands, as if to say I don't
know what you are saying.

She smiled, and a Frenchman
near by said Es-tu Anglais?

Yes I am I'm with the Lourdes
group I said. Ah these women,
he said, they are thinking
you are one of their escapees.

I smiled. He laughed gently.
The women looked and laughed.

I supped my beer, looking
over as members of my group
went by. Another beer would
be nice, a glass of scotch, then
back to the coach, back to the
hostel. But time was running
out for alcohol. So I finished
my beer said goodbye to those
nurses and the old guy who spoke.

The nurses smiled. I think they
had a small titter at a lewd joke.

#bar   #2006   #lourdes  
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
4 days ago

Enid and I got the bus
to the South Bank.

The sky was blue
and cloudless.

We walked along
the embankment
looking over
at the River Thames
at the boats passing by
and tugs and pleasure boats
with passengers onboard
and we waved
and some waved back.

Are you sure my dad said
it was all right for me
to go with you today?
she said.

Sure it is
I met him on
the stairs of the flats
and he said yes
but not to be late
I said.

She looked

I wouldn't lie to you
I said.

No I know you wouldn't
she said
but he didn't seem
in a good mood
this morning
and him and Mum
were rowing when
I got up.

Well he was all right
when I met him
I said.

She nodded
and we walked on
past the tennis courts
on our left
until we came
to a shop selling
ice creams and drinks.

Want an ice cream?
I said.

I haven't any money
she said.

I have some
I said
so we bought two ice creams
and sat on a seat
and watched the boats
and tugs go by.

I watched her sideways on
as she licked her ice cream.

She looked happy briefly
as if she'd put away
her fears and anxiety
and sat like a gull
floating on a quiet sea.

#girl   #boy   #london   #1957  
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