Talia Grace
Talia Grace
Dec 20, 2015

The same songs
The same smile
The same tears

Some days are better than others
Some days she cries
Some days she dances

Carry On My Wayward Son
Beneath Your Beautiful
Say Something

Music is her comfort
It's her shelter
Her life

Without me she feels bare
She feels abandoned
Without me she can't escape

When she dances
She looks so beautiful and graceful
But she cries when she is alone
Captured by the grasp of misery

Please my darling
Don't listen to the others
Listen to me and let me guide you

I'm here for you
I'll give you a place to hide
Please don't cry

#love   #life   #music   #me   #comfort  
Talia Grace
Talia Grace
Dec 20, 2015

A friend once told me
Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy
Not a love story

Forbidden love
It haunts us all
Leaving us empty

It throws us around like a rag doll
Making us defenceless
Yet we still crave it

The feelings are strong
But the mind is stronger
Leaving us to wonder
What if

Love is always full of what ifs
But what ifs are the things that make us think
Make us re-evaluate

A friend once told me
It's a bad idea
But I still love you

#love   #life   #nothing   #gone   #before   #what-ifs  
Talia Grace
Talia Grace
Dec 23, 2015

The pages always stay blank
Yet what if we left them blank?
And let the nothingness speak

We always silence the emptiness
And fill it with sound
Yet what if we left it?

Many fear the dark
So they bring light
But what if we left it?

Would it really be that hard
To try and see something out of nothing?
Why not try and understand it
Try loving it

Change isn't always good
Sometimes what's unsaid can bring life
Sometimes the dark can show us the real light

#love   #life   #dark   #nothing   #light   #mine  
Talia Grace
Talia Grace
Dec 21, 2015

We all have things
That we don't hate nor love
For me
Night is just that

There can be so much beauty in it
Midnight swims
Long talks on the phone

But there is also pain and suffering
Tears that sting like acid
Cuts that leave more than a scar

The beauty is endless
But so is the pain
Leaving you numb
Lifeless and alone

Yet we still fall in love every new night
Leaving us breathless
In awe at the beauty

They show us everything
They teach us about ourselves
Leaving us almost feeling better
No matter what is happening

I thank my lucky stars for what has happened to me
But I can't do that without the night
Even on the bad nights
I live for the stars

#love   #friends   #depression   #life   #tears   #hope   #beauty   #night  

Have you ever loved brown eyes?
Maybe look at them in the sun
See how they become gold
Not a dull gold,
They shine like the sun itself
Hints of browns, golds and dark grays

Try falling in love with someone with brown eyes
Look at their eye
Look and find the stories
The love
The care
Try to look away after locking gazes
Impossible, right?

That little freckle
On the edge of the vibrace
Plunges deeply into my heart
And holds me there
Like it's where I'm meant to be
The warmth of your body,
The love in your eyes
The richness to your voice...
They all hold me close
And tell me that you'll never let go

Deep browns and vivid golds
Tug at my heart strings
And leave me gasping for air
That you return to me with a kiss
Vowing to never let me go

I've always had a thing for brown eyes... I never knew why until a freckle faced boy sat beside me watching the sunset
#love   #eyes   #sun   #amazing   #colour  

I've always hated watching the people I love suffer
Like watching paint dry I knew what the result would be, and I just couldn't bear to watch it
Sometimes I'd try to cheer them up
Run my fingers through their hair or place a kiss on their head
But it's never enough

I've always hated watching the people I love go through painful times
It's like watching someone die slowly and knowing... There's nothing you can do
Every time you try to help it seems you push them further
Like they're running from you, because you're the problem

I've always hated watching the people I love care about me
Because I always feel like I can never fully return every thing they deserve to them
Like holding a hug for too long or watching as clouds roll over a perfectly sunny day
Knowing that there's rain on its way in but no one will notice until it's too late

I've always hated watching the people I love suffer
Because I feel like I'm the reason it all began
And the only way for them to be happy
Is for me to say goodbye

I'm sorry... For everything
#love   #friends   #hiding   #family   #lifeless  
Talia Grace
Talia Grace
4 days ago

Sleep my child
Please do not fear the monsters outside
You will live to see another sunrise
I promise

Don't hide from the darkness
It can't hurt you

And let your lucid dreams take you to somewhere we do not know
I'll be here
And I'll greet you again by the morning

Because the world will protect you
And you're safe until morning
The sun will still shine for you like the smile you always have

Like a mother loves her child
And know she does love you

From the world for a few hours
Let it take care of you
Because we all need time to refresh out mind

Drop your shoulders and open your fists
Allow your mind to go blank and

Because if you don't
The sun will no longer be as bright to me
The world won't be safe

Just sleep
And know that the world will still be here in the morning
Your eyes will open and your body will move again

You're safe
Just breathe in this moment and



Allow yourself to sleep
And wake up tomorrow knowing you are loved
You are alive
Breathing, living, loving
Living in your dreams
And building a world you want to love

A world where you sleep
Knowing the world will protect you,
That there are people who love you
And knowing that you'll release another breath come morning

So sleep, my darling
And dream

This goes out to all the thanatophobiacs who turned into insomniacs because of their fears. Just remember to breathe
#love   #friends   #sleep   #dreams   #breathe  
Talia Grace
Talia Grace
5 days ago

This is a poem that is inspired by the poem Being Numb by Delta Swingline

To the girl who never stops writing:

I'm sorry

I never thought that I could be so stupid
But times change, right?
Just make sure you hold on to the other half of you
Keep the fifth though
You can make better use out of it than I ever will
Just throw on our favorite song and block out the world if you need

Don't blame yourself, and please...
Don't cry beautiful

You don't need to be sorry, I promise

To the boy who never gave up:

I'm sorry

I never thought I could be this way
The people pleaser... choosing to be selfish
Never ends well, does it?
I just hope that this will all be better in the long run
Don't let me hold you back from the greatness that you have in you

To my sister:

I'm sorry

I hope you look beautiful on your big day
Don't miss me too much, but I have to decline the invitation
The tension could kill someone
And this is your day, don't worry about me

To my parents:

I'm sorry

I've never been the one you wanted me to be
Just don't try to pry when this is all over
I will keep my mouth firmly shut as to not cause you pain

To the logical thinker:

I'm sorry

I always knew you were the smarter one
I just never thought you would be so right
Take care of my loves and treat them well
Don't let me cast a shadow over your beauty

To my coaches:

I'm sorry

You're not the only ones I'm going to disappoint
I just wish I could have given you the metal you deserved
Make sure my team mates train just as hard as they always have

To the newbies:

I'm sorry

More for one of you over the other, but still
You haven't been around long
Just try to remember me when I was happy
That's the only part you need to know
Don't worry about me too much

To myself:

I'm not sorry

You're honestly a piece of shit...
You deserve all the pain you're in
Don't let other apologize, this is your fault
Keep yourself safe, dying will be a relief

Keep quiet and keep your head down
Your pain needs to be kept inside
Don't cry you idiot
You don't deserve the relief

If you need to let it out, make sure to punch something hard
Bruise and split your knuckles for all I care
It's all your fault
You deserve this

I'll never be sorry for you
You made your choices
Now deal with them

I never meant to hurt anyone
Talia Grace
Talia Grace
Dec 20, 2015

I always tell them
Not to touch
Not to leave finger prints
But it never works

The shine of the blackened wood
Always draws attention
The polished keys
Always shine like the stars on a clear night

The sound of my life
Is always found in it
The rumbles and the squeaks

Life without it is impossible
I crave the life it brings to me
I miss the pitter patter of the keys

Like the stars in the sky
Each is different in it's own way
Yet they are all the same

It is my love
The curves are to die for
And the love is forever

My writing prompt was, "One of the most beautiful things in your life" so I wrote about my bassoon
#love   #life   #friend   #music   #bassoon  
Talia Grace
Talia Grace
Dec 23, 2015

Small and afraid
Lifeless and alone
You found me

I had nothing to offer
Nothing left
Nothing to come

Yet you stayed
To help me
You gave me life

You took me in under your wings
Giving me protection from the attacks
Coming from my mind

When the nights brought pain
You were there
Protecting me

The days brought work
Pushing us both to our limits
Only to find peace in each other

Eventually all the work slowed
Leaving us to fend for ourselves
Yet we still found time
To find each other

That's how we reached today
How we found the truth
Between us

#love   #life   #music   #musical   #couple   #work   #pair  
Talia Grace
Talia Grace
Dec 20, 2015

Just imagine this for me
Imagine you are a lifeless field
No one would want to be there

Well then imagine a worker
Coming through everyday
Seeing your lifeless body

But each day
He leaves you a gift
A flower
A tree
A blade of grass

Ever so slowly
You would start to change

Now imagine what would happen after a while
You wouldn't be so dead
Would you?

As you gained more life
You became more beautiful
But every field has it's weeds

With the life he has given you
More people start to notice
Start to take interest

As they walk over you
They take little parts of you that are not theirs
Making you feel hurt

Just imagine what they could do
If the worker never returned
Never tried to fix you again

Eventually you would return to being that lifeless field
Alone and cold as the winter months
Just imagine
What you could have done

#love   #life   #friend   #never   #fix   #park   #gift   #lifeless   #worker  
Talia Grace
Talia Grace
Mar 5, 2015

They tell me
It’s just a nightmare
No its not
It’s real
It’s my imagination

I can’t explain
How it finds what it shows
All I know is it never slows

The fear
The pain
The hurt

As they linger
A little longer
I try to find a place to hide
But I’m always trapped in my mind

There’s no escape from the cries at night
No end to the tears in the morning

There is good that comes around too
Not nearly as often
But it’s there
Hiding in the back
Sometimes it tries to comfort me
Try’s to help me feel at ease
It helps at first but always gives up

My imagination makes me who I am
Makes me run or make a stand

There is love and there is life
But there is also pain and fright
Each has a spot within my soul
But one always seems to take control

I jump out of my skin when I hear it knock
Once… twice… hide

It always finds me
No matter how hard I try
Where am I safe?
Where am I free?

Not again!
Here it comes
Ready for the hunt
Ready to haunt me
And never to stop

My calls for help are never heard
Never found
Always forgotten

Maybe if I give in
The torture will end
And I will be free once again

Look left
Look right
Neither side has found me yet
I have to go
I have to run

I can’t see where I have to go
But I need to get out
That’s all I know

I can’t wait any longer
I have to go
Now is my only chance

I run and run
And run
And run
And run
But I’m not getting anywhere

They say your imagination can’t hurt you
Then why am I running?
Why do I have to escape?

Here they come
Running after me
Closing in
Closer and closer

I can smell the scent of sour milk from my left
The bad must be there
I dare not glance

To my right
The scent of fresh cut grass and fresh air
The good

I try to move to the right but to no avail
The scents are mixing
Changing each other
They are all around me

I start to scream
Scream for help for light
But the darkness is closing in
Its winning

I have to be strong work with the good
Change my fate
I look to the right to see the good is gone
Lost like the wind
Nowhere to be seen

Why me?
Things are going to be different now

I have to fight
Change everything

I start to think of the memories
The lake
My family

All I see is black
I’ve lost

I hold on to the good memories till it hurts
The darkness
Taking anything I have to offer

Hold on
Don’t let go
Don’t give up

I can’t!
It’s too strong compared to me
I have to give in

This can’t be it!
But it’s taking over
Pulling me as far under as it can
Farther and farther

My last goodbye
My last day
My last breath
Darkness is all I see

Find the light and don’t let go
Don’t take it for granted
Live your life like it’s your last day
Because it could be
Talia Grace
Talia Grace
Dec 20, 2015

The way you kiss my cheek
Always brings colour to it too
Leaving me there in awe

As I wave goodbye
I start to count down to the next time
You bring life to my the darkness
Leaving me breathless at your beauty

Every time I see you your different
But yet
Still as beautiful as the last time

Every time I come back to you
You change me again
And again

Next time I'll bring a canvas and hope
Hope that I'll catch every last detail
Before you leave me again

Lucas, my boy, I hope you are always there to inspire me.
#love   #paint   #life   #beauty   #colour   #sunset  
Talia Grace
Talia Grace
Jan 17, 2016

sitting and talking
can put us together
or tear us apart

#love   #life   #hate   #depressed   #night   #normal   #talking  
Talia Grace
Talia Grace
Dec 19, 2015

Losing someone you love is never easy
But what if they didn't die?
What if you watched them walk away
Leaving you in the dust

That's why we get
For getting attached
For finding a home

Life is never easy
But sometimes with help
We can make it

Until that help is gone
Leaves and never comes back
"I promise" they said
But where have they gone?
Where are they now?

When everything is going wrong
And your grip on reality is fading
Where are they?

Once you find them again
The person you see
years later
Is never the same

#friends   #broken   #gone   #leaving   #lifeless  
Talia Grace
Talia Grace
Dec 21, 2015

My page stands blank
As does my mind
Yet there is so much there

New beginnings
Old tales
And lives never lived

The pen shakes
But the ink does not flow
Driving me to insanity as my thought slow

The tick of the clock behind me
The tap of my foot bellow me
Lead to ideas
That become part of me

My scribbles turn into words
And my life starts to appear
In every little part
Of my lifeless work

If you listen well
You can hear me say
One more line
Till time stands still

#love   #life   #time   #poems   #writing   #blank   #idea   #page  
Talia Grace
Talia Grace
Dec 21, 2015

What would be the back up plan
When the person you tell everything
Tells you something
That you want to tell them?

#love   #life   #friend   #nothing   #plan  
Talia Grace
Talia Grace
Mar 24, 2016

Trees sway
As a slight breeze intertwines itself
With each solitary leaf
Reaching out like attenuated fingers
Touching each branch tenderly
Slowly passing by
Leaving a chill in its wake

You will find me
Under the willow
Stirred only by the brooding thoughts
Of yesterday
A meaningless shadow of me
Like a leaf in the wind
I am unbound from all ties
Free to float into my deepest thoughts
Cascading slowly through them
As they envelope me
And lay me to rest

#silence   #trees   #nothing   #cold   #yesterday  
Talia Grace
Talia Grace
Dec 21, 2015

Could kill us all
Yet it still strives through us
Finding it's way
To the smallest parts of us
And living there

Sometimes small events can bring big anticipation.
#love   #friends   #life   #pushing  
Talia Grace
Talia Grace
Dec 19, 2015

Is there a way to escape
This world I've been trapped in
Running in circles all the time

Pushing myself to live
Pushing myself to smile
Pushing away the knives

The tear stained pillows of the night
Don't compare to the masks of the day
I feel lifeless and without hope

Yet there is always light at the end of the tunnel
A new beginning
A new home

I have found a new family
A new life that is meant for me
But it's catching up quick

Becoming the leader
Taking over the role
Leading the pack to victory
Or to failure

It's not my time
But there's none left
All that is here are the hearts of the hopeful

The dogs have started to attack
I'm weak and small
I feel defenceless

I have no hope left
It disappeared with my sanity
Driving me to madness and leaving me on the curb

My sanity has always been small
But all it takes is a single push to send me down
Spiraling into the abyss of the unknown

The flash backs remind me of a time of insanity
A time of stupidity
A time of loneliness

Reminders are found in the smallest of things
Leaving me to find comfort in nothing
Nothing but a life that is not mine

There has to be a way out
A way to escape all of this
A way to end it

A way to

There is always reasons
But never answers
The questions they ask
Can never be answered

A way to

#love   #suicide   #depression   #hope   #help   #attack   #stess  
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