Austin Tx    1961 -    
A movement, in time. :D That's the way the cookie crumbles each generation bakes, their own it's not a fail, or fumble as the future, yet unknown The sun will never see as the night will never know the darkness without light the light, that makes things grow As in ... Read more
A movement, in time. :D That's the way the cookie crumbles each generation bakes, their own it's not a fail, or fumble as the future, yet unknown The sun will never see as the night will never know the darkness without light the light, that makes things grow As in ... Read more
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Twilight Zone
Twilight Zone   (1991 - )
My Nick name: Lidi My Birth name: Lydia “Always be a poet, even in prose.” ― Charles Baudelaire "My faith rests not in what I ...
Giuseppi Martino Buonaiuto
Giuseppi Martino Buonaiuto   (1949 - )
Giuseppi Martino Buonaiuto is a former commissioned officer and veteran; employed later by one of the more obscure government clandestine services. He holds numerous graduate ...
FraisDeLaFerme   (1982 - )
Farmer and father and former folk musician who quite enjoys his privacy I have no plans for my writing Never much of a reader, but ...
yasaman johari
yasaman johari  
i chose the name of my sister,,,
He said Jenny Williams
He said Jenny Williams   (1974 - )
[...and he said too fondly: "my wife"--] My lines are generally very personal, justifying the reproof that I am too carelessly open. Hence at my ...
Little Lady ARF  
My name is Amanda. I am 14, I write because poetry runs through my veins. My mother Lady R.F is my inspiration. I aspire to ...
Denise huddleston
Denise huddleston  
I love writing, most of my writings are life experiences,but there are some that aren't, please enjoy
NB   (1996 - )
"The way your heart beats makes all the difference In learning to live"
patty m
patty m  
my bi-line is: In a world of reflection poetry mimics life. I've been writing seriously for 10 years and have been published in innumerable publications ...
Inkveined   (1997 - )
Let go.
Cné   (1965 - )
I am an artist. I began painting artistically as a form of mental therapy, in search of clarity in my thoughts, relaxation from mental stress, ...
Sir WCA   (1989 - )
Destroy what destroys you
Little Bird
Little Bird   (1999 - )
I am from the second star to the right, Wonderland, and OZ; Where the Wild Things Are and all the trouble that we caused. I ...
Hadrian Veska
Hadrian Veska   (1997 - )
Possibly a human being
sorrow never tasted sweeter than the streams from the blue oceans above my cheeks
Chloe Chapman
Chloe Chapman   (1999 - )
Snow | Blood | Ebony I cannot let you burn me up. Nor can I resist you. No mere human can stand in fire, And ...
Melissa S
Melissa S   (1975 - )
I am from a small town in Alabama. I use to keep a journal several years ago and quit writing altogether when I got too ...
MyDystopiA   (1981 - )
To see a World in a Grain of Sand And a Heaven in a Wild Flower Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And ...
Blindly Certain
Blindly Certain  
Sometimes enlightening, most of the times cross the line unknowingly Someone who talks to strangers on a personal level and expects them to do the ...
Rosalind Heather Alexander
Rosalind Heather Alexander   (1956 - )
Hello my name is Rosalind and I first started writing poetry in April of 2011. I am a born again Christian and have a wonderful ...
elizabeth j
elizabeth j  
... I splatter words onto the page and see where they fall ...
True Passion
True Passion  
You don't need someone to complete you. You only need someone to accept you COMPLETELY!!! I am a true amateur. Writing, reading, learning as I ...
Pamela Rae
Pamela Rae  
All of my life I have wanted to share my heart. Perhaps poetry will be a way to share. All poems are © Pamela Rae ...
JP Mantler
JP Mantler   (1996 - )
Darf nicht über mich wissen. Не должен знать обо мне.
Johnny Scarlotti
Johnny Scarlotti @johnnyscarlotti on twitter 8 books of poetry on
Kristy   (1976 - )
All works are written by Kristy R. Dalton and are copyright protected. I treasure my words as I respect yours. Do not copy or share ...
Max Vale
Max Vale   (2000 - )
~I have nothing to lose~ Soccer Player → Songwriter → Poet
Lesly Frances Finn
Lesly Frances Finn  
I am fairly new to this art form but I know what I like and what I don't. Although it is always possible that might ...
Prescott Robbins   (1951 - )
I was born in Ohio in the fifties. The youngest of four, my parents found me different than my siblings. I was dyslexic and unable ...
memineI   (1901 - )
born, breathe, till I do not!
Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream I am a traveler of both time and space, to be ...
Ju Clear
Ju Clear   (1973 - )
Use to write rap love dub poetry Enjoy spoken word free flow love Linton kwesi Johnson the beat Raised on hippiness Challenged by multiple Scleriosis ...
Traveler   (1962 - )
Michigan Words, words, words Meaningless words Of who I am... Words may appear dark at times To make life fit Within a rhyme That is ...
Lazhar Bouazzi
Lazhar Bouazzi  
‘For Bouazzi, Shelley’s rhetoric is “bound up with the human makeup” (11). This toughly elegant formulation articulates the book’s conviction that Shelley’s affirmation and disaffirmation ...
yuki motokane
yuki motokane  
a poetic fool.
L Seagull
L Seagull  
Inspiration is taking a break until March 1. Need to think some things through since they refuse to do it on their own. It's all ...
Ghost of Jupiter
Ghost of Jupiter
Nemo W
Nemo W   (1999 - )
I love art and poetry. I follow my own structure..
Cat Fiske
Cat Fiske   (1999 - )
though it all, my weak moments have created my strongest yet. my youtube channel, i'm starting to record some of my poems.
Otherworldly Wanderer
Otherworldly Wanderer   (1994 - )
"Wild is the music of the autumnal winds amongst the faded woods." -William Wordsworth Pictured above is my feline friend - Champ All ...
Vivian Alvarado
Vivian Alvarado   (1989 - )
Find your flow and kill the vanilla Thanks for reading ✌
Marco Antonio Vargas
Marco Antonio Vargas  
Pictures, people, places, and poetry
Píaras Ó Cíonnaoíth
Píaras Ó Cíonnaoíth  
All of my poetry is copyrighted.
Zeus   (1997 - )
I'm just a Writer, not a poet but just a writer. - Dark King. The words do more than just force me to make sounds, ...
Vicki   (1965 - )
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