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The forgettable girl.
The forgettable girl.
  5d  Scarlet Keiller
7 days ago

Your pen dripped cruel and selfish lies,
deceitful love that trickled into inky stains
to mar the virgin sheets of white.
You spewed them out so easily,
your flowing scripts of clever guile
and as I fell for your conceit,
untruths despoiled the purest page.
Now every word that soothed my soul
is etched with pain
and every ink drop red with blood.

by EJ.

  5d  Scarlet Keiller
Jan 23

Some poets are also poems;
they paint a picture of themselves
through the stories their fingers will tell.

Some poets are simply just poets,
they write about anything, everything
and nothing, but they fail to see the poetry
inside themselves.

I am a poet who can only write about her muse; I find it difficult to create anything without mentioning you.

Who am I kidding? I'm screwed.
  7d  Scarlet Keiller
Shi Em
Shi Em
7 days ago

But I have built my walls so
high and strong,
that I can't seem to find a way
to break them down.

i'm guessing this is my karma
  7d  Scarlet Keiller
Mar 18

I laid myself down
beneath the summer moon.
The breeze was warm,
and grass was cool.
I gazed at the trees
swaying in the breeze,
and listened to the stream
flowing free as could be.
I want to be the water
running wild as a dream.
I want to be the rain
dripping off of the leaves,
but what I want even more
is to be the blood in your veins,
to take over your heart,
and soak up all your pain.  
I would make you forget
all the hate and disdain.
I would fill you with joy,
and kiss your soul everyday.

~ I would take it all away ~
#love   #poetry   #moon   #summer   #him   #poems  
Scarlet Keiller
Scarlet Keiller
7 days ago

How can your hands
be so warm
when your blood
is so cold?

~~ There is something lonely about happiness. ~~
#sad   #melancholic   #depression   #lonely   #pain   #sadness   #happy   #unhappy   #cold   #warm  

You kiss me as if
I was lost and you never
stopped looking for me.

~~ Are you relieved or confused now that I'm here? ~~
#love   #kiss   #sad   #depression   #haiku   #happy   #lost   #relationship   #emotion   #find  

The sun becomes softer in these cold months,
and your soft gaze matches the dappled light
on your cheek, red and alive, your eyes moving
across me like the wind as I breathe.
My eyes are eclipsing and yours
are of the ocean; they are dancing in that
warm sunlight as the frost eats at our breath
and brings our anticipation to life
in swirling forces of nature.

~~ Nothing. You leave me with nothing. ~~
#love   #kiss   #life   #eyes   #sun   #happy   #time   #friendship   #light   #cold  
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