false awakening ;

Je suis la rivière et vous êtes la vague
false awakening ;

Je suis la rivière et vous êtes la vague
4 hours ago

There are monsters
choking vodka
into my hip bones
like skeletons
crawling into
unnecessary authorities
that unhealthy juice is
exhaling isolation
of ingrained
crippling grits of teeth
because unquenchable thirst
is my figurative
blurring delirium resonance
glistening calcium nature
defining “ambrosia is a
ghost protruding my eyelids”

A lot of people ask me "How do you write these poems that are so vocabulary strong with strong  messages?" Well I admire people from a far , I have gone through some things myself during my life even though I am still young, but that's not the point because age , race , doesn't describe us. I write poetry because it's my therapy , not even my fucking therapy my best friend.  
Writing is a way to express our thoughts and that is all I do
but may be drinking coffee helps too because who know's my coffee might talk to me , anyways i'm rambling now , but yeah sometimes my poetry is very hard to understand, but that's the point , there is a story between every line, every word
3 days ago

impostures of infernal
quadrille melt with
crackling limbs
like mists of acquiescent
lurid leeches
gnawing on wrathful liver
cruelly enslaving the clouds
silently humming to alternative
sunsets that
vapor is tightening pores
on roman candles
alluring aurora's
over my breasts
because blood is rushing
through my spine
fashioning my depressive

Hey if anyone wants to message me
don't be afraid to :)
6 days ago

tantalizing fragility
I am the prey
filling morphine into
my lungs with
crooked hands that
sunflowers from my throat
are sprouting mortality into veins
entangling frontier
"untainted & holy
delicate liquid chromium's"
smoothing eyelids
of obsidian frames
capturing glitter
on ember incoherent skulls
because twists of romantics
are granite rustling floral
delphinium marble exodus
raw lush

I'm a disaster kissing flames
#love   #metaphor   #dark   #holy   #raw   #emotion   #fragility   #liquid   #lush   #untainted  
Feb 11

instilled bone
my blood is raw
flawed with raven eyes
like imperfect sense
writing silver
terrifying shivers
that swollen eyes
are Icarus
idly seeking faith
with no redemption
because crossfire
you admire
scenic lavender
lecturing words
"twirl around
across pallets
of eye shadow
and hallucinate
salt crashing in my

I'm tired of getting left in the dark
#poetry   #metaphor   #words   #dark   #poems   #admire   #picture   #raven   #lavender   #eyeshadow  
Feb 8

you are maleficent
carving arrows beneath my fingertips
scorching timeless beauty
that words envy
divine beings
like nocturnal gold
encrusting harsh silver archers
cascading necklines
with hell fire stone rogues
because you are tumbleweed
flicking my wrist
with Dravidian tongues
gazing at vendetta
fallen angels
scrutinizing windowsills
as if concrete were thick bones
comprising scarlet entities
thinning hollow

an archangel stole my heart
Feb 6

your poetry
is encapsulated in these waves
as your tongue against the beach
licks the soft curling mists
like a deep space
of velvet
lingering with
raw flesh
blissfully scintillating
brittle bones with tar
that my warm eyes
are being woken wistfully
entwining deprived lungs
because late nights
are fringes
of rustling leaves
grasping to mortal
blazing joint - like static
clicks to keyboards

velvet cake is delicious
#poetry   #metaphor   #raw   #emotion   #bones   #waves   #beach   #flesh   #linger  
Feb 5

vintage air
blood & glory
I am the answer
to your heart mind
like a spine kissing
the languages of flowers
attracting chilled bones
with revolving pirouettes
talking past tense
claiming decaying necks
that I am tightening the grasp
to your hand
beautifully reflecting
off your tongue
because summer nights
are embodied on my skin
purifying gleaming
vivid anthology

i'm the answer to your questions
and summer nights are better then
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