As classy as a 40 oz and boxed wine
As classy as a 40 oz and boxed wine
2 days ago

Two silhouettes
Dancing beneath that sunset
Whispers of sweet nothings
Ceases as their tongues pres...

Nah... fuck that!
My writing...
It's as elegant as a car crash
So if you're looking for a poet,
This is the wrong page to start at
A foul mouthed, awkward,  bipeddler with a pen
I love my words when they're liked
But I hate them when they trend
For a flower doesn't bloom in darkness of an attic
My words shouldn't too just 'cause its posted in italics
I'm no artist nor poet
Just a lover of words
With a heart too shy to speak up
But still wants to be heard

Fuck.. the irony hahaha. Though I may sound pompous in this, I really do appreciate you guys for even taking the time to read it. :)
7 days ago

Her voice...
Soft and benign
She paints goosebumps across my skin
With nothing but her whispers
Her eyes...
I don't seek the north star
Nor which side the moss grows
For it's my wish to get lost in them
Her smile...
Like la bella luna in the night sky
Engulfed by a sea of stars
It forever shines the brightest
Her heart...
As warm as cotton throws
With infinite thread counts
That she wraps around my soul

I know right?! ... it doesn't rhyme for once haha ;)
Mar 18

Hearts were never meant to be cufflinks

So what the fuck was it doing on my sleeve?

I should of kept it in my chest

Beneath that Kevlar vest

Where no pair of eyes would ever see it bleed

Mar 16

And that's why I stay away from girls with scalpels...




...or ones that have seen how my pen moves

Mar 16

Equipped with a six shooter
And she ain't afraid to use it
Notorious across the land
Baby faced but she's ruthless
She had a bullet with my name
I got two scars to prove it
She wasn't aiming for my heart
No, she aimed to shoot through it

So please avoid this gun slinging dane at all cost
She's out to kill every single man she comes across
For that bitter taste ain't from the whiskey on her tongue
So if you come across this cowgirl...
I suggest you run

  Mar 14  Scotty

I've taken note
Every lie muttered
From your mouth
Stacked in brain
But as always
Better left
The truth hurts
Wondering kills less
And I would far rather
Lose my head
Than you as well
I've lost everything
I can't lose anyone else
I don't know
What the fuck I'm suppose to do
How to keep intact
I don't know
A fucking thing anymore
Except for the fact
That I still place trust
In you
When I absolutely shouldn't

Mar 13

Pick those eyes from off the floor, kid
I know it's not what you're used to
Learn to crack a smile,  kid
No ones going to do it for you

And stop tossing your eggs all in one basket, kid
What I'm saying is...
Stop depending on one girl
to determine all of your happiness

So step out of  the shadows
And flaunt those pearly whites, kid
These dark days won't miss you
So move on to where the light is

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