No poet, I'm a PoetryJournal of thoughts, emotions, and experiences. All works here are solely mine. Stay away plagiarizers. Read more
No poet, I'm a PoetryJournal of thoughts, emotions, and experiences. All works here are solely mine. Stay away plagiarizers. Read more
aery   (1991 - )
I see I feel I think I write And do it all over again
I scream my thoughts,but they still can't hear me.
Inkveined   (1997 - )
19 year old girl who really likes writing poetry because otherwise she would probably die from asphyxiation of the soul. "I'm not crazy, my reality ...
zebra   (1947 - )
ABOUT MY POEM Because many of our erotic sensibilities have been maniacaled by the exorterica of the synoptic religions and Victorian censorship our own deepest ...
Steve Page
Steve Page   (1962 - )
Hi I'm Steve, born and bred in London, U.K. Home is Ealing, West London; work is Canary Wharf, East London. In between is my creative ...
Kate Smith
Kate Smith   (1999 - )
SATAN'S GIRL   (1998 - )
My heart dances through life. I never lose my childlike wonder. As a side effect I can't help but reach out to you when I ...
N H Nabass
N H Nabass   (1999 - )
Preserving estranged thoughts. Seattle | عمان | Нальчик
Dante   (1999 - )
INTJ-T. A passion for the arts, and engineering as well.
Rebecca Rocker
Rebecca Rocker  
Coffee drinker. Story hunter. History enthusiast. Theatre maker. Professional napper.
Amanda Kay Hill
Amanda Kay Hill   (1992 - )
I enjoy going hiking and playing basketball I love to listen to Irish and Techno music I enjoy writing poetry and reading poetry and listening ...
Kewayne Wadley
Kewayne Wadley   (1987 - )
Live to Love, Inspire to Love
to be soft is to be powerful -rupi kaur
Tilly   (1993 - )
Human sponge, mainly absorbing poetry and doughnuts.
Hannah   (1996 - )
I believe that now, more than ever, we are in need of souls that pour their hearts onto paper at 3am. When the world is ...
Thomas Hatchett
Thomas Hatchett   (1983 - )
Quietly scratching the walls of my cave, with a stick and a stone I toil away, ever diligent until my last breathing day, softly enscribing ...
Deep Thought
Deep Thought   (1992 - )
I don't believe in luck, I believe in grace.
Christina Cheng Lian Tan
Christina Cheng Lian Tan   (1969 - )
Adelaide Lisk
Adelaide Lisk  
And so being young and dipt in folly, I fell in love with melancholy - Edgar Allen Poe
James Andersen
James Andersen  
Photo: Cumberland Falls, Kentucky, June 2010. I teach History at a small college in coastal North Carolina. When I'm not teaching or rotting on the ...
RW Dennen
RW Dennen  
Hypothetically speaking, I would rather be under the tyranny of the diverse majority; rather than under the tyranny of the narrow few. Peace unto you ...
Death for breakfast
Death for breakfast  
Ich bin ewig bestraft
Robert Haigh
Robert Haigh  
My main creative outlets are music (I write songs, sing, play guitar & ukulele), poetry & literature (I write poems & short stories) and photography ...
B Beers
B Beers  
Because direct human contact is now obsolete I begin a new life alone with you on the modern web.
Rampant Lion
Rampant Lion  
Scars show where we have been They do not determine where we are going
Prescott Robbins   (1951 - )
I was born in Ohio in the fifties. The youngest of four, my parents found me different than my siblings. I was dyslexic and unable ...
Poetroyale   (1998 - )
"Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine." - The Imitation Game —-██—— Put ...
Joshua Dougan
Joshua Dougan   (1989 - )
I like rhymes. Figuring out ten ways to say ten different things using two lines and four rhymes. It's always fun. Rhyming is really a ...
Shane Michael Stoops
Shane Michael Stoops   (1976 - )
I'm 39 years older than the day I was born, I have a wife of 16 wonderfull years. I still take pleasure in waking upnext ...
Love to read, love to learn I don't claim to be a poet, just set down thoughts and feelings Sometimes see life through a dark ...
Bethany G Blicq  
I am a character and co-author of the greatest story ever Not written. I am a member of the Church of Love – our temple ...
Scarlet Hue
Scarlet Hue  
Oh the irony... My name is Scarlet Hue and this world is black and white I don't write poems. Sorry.
iamtheavatar   (1989 - )
My name sounds like the past tense of draw. @iamthe_avatar
Anticipating quarter life crisis.
Aaron Combs
Aaron Combs   (1991 - )
Sebastian Macias
Sebastian Macias   (1987 - )
Los Angeles native Social media: @ssebaasttiaann
Lesly Frances Finn
Lesly Frances Finn  
I am fairly new to this art form so I hope that you will like my poems. I am finding the experience incredibly enjoyable and, ...
Nic Sutcliffe
Nic Sutcliffe   (1979 - )
tales of an imperfect space-time traveller
Christopher Campbell
Christopher Campbell   (1989 - )
Author. Poet. Editor. I enjoy making ridiculous videos and writing musicals about D&D;, autocorrect, and cancer.
Allie Santini
Allie Santini  
"Such a vicious cycle as this life would better be seen in a tornado." -Me :)
Ju Clear
Ju Clear   (1973 - )
Use to write rap love dub poetry Enjoy spoken word free flow love Linton kwesi Johnson the beat Raised on hippiness Challenged by multiple Scleriosis ...
Just A Welsh Minimalists View & A Love Of Dylan Thomas Note The Behaviour Of The Seasons And Their Seams As They Mimic And Perform ...
MyDystopiA   (1981 - )
Nova Echevarria
Nova Echevarria   (1990 - )
Love, passion, helping others, peace, harmony, pain if you need or want someone to talk to you can always call me or text me 480-494-0530
David Noonan
David Noonan  
I saw you today, or at least I think it was It's hard to say, we've all changed so much, Compelled to look, but I ...
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