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"Without light we would be forever in darkness..
Without darkness, we would never know the light."

Without express permission, all work is subject to copyright

-Vyscern, ©
"Without light we would be forever in darkness..
Without darkness, we would never know the light."

Without express permission, all work is subject to copyright

-Vyscern, ©
5 days ago

McKayla Rose, Tribute to her Love

(I helped)

"When I first looked into your eyes,
Each breath became a thousand sighs,
The air was filled with love bird cries,
That was the day I realized,

How much you truly mean to me,
Chemistry, our synergy
I want the world to finally see...
...How we love, in unity

Since I met you,
I have learned to love the light
You were my lamp in stormy darkness
The day that breaks the night

You showed me a mirror
And inside I saw glimmer
A small shard of hope
That with love began to grow...

...Now I want the world to know,
How I feel and and see where we go, Love swirling around like the blowing snow
Don't say a word just hold me close

And as the day turns into night,
Being in your arms just feels so right, The world is dark but our future is bright
But that's only for us to decide

A collaboration with former poet McKayla Rose. Without her this would not have been written
6 days ago

I cleansed my hands of corruption today
For I had done a filthy deed
I gazed into the mirror
I saw corruptions seed

In harvest of its fruits
My ends justified my means
And although there's not a mark
I'll not be truly clean

You may question what I did
But it is my belief
That it's better to feel something
Even if it makes you bleed

There lies a sense of resignation, of guilt, of hatred and emotions, where previously there were none. My selfish actions have hurt another, and I am sorry for that

But glad to feel again
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7 days ago

But a small shift in the earth
Can cause unforseen circumstances
So deviating from what you should do,
My friend,
Will make your future uncertain

Think about the risk you run
Before you run for the reward

For a former friend of mine. Godspeed compadre
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  Feb 13  Vyscern
Feb 13


A home may be a new place everyday

A house is a place you live in

A home is made of love

A house is made of concrete and steel

A home is where coffee rings stain father’s old coffee table
A home is when mother would yell at him for not using a coaster, but kissing him after her furrowed brow disintegrates

A house is where marbled countertops are so clean it looks as no life is here
A house is where slammed doors almost drown out the yelling that came before it.

A home is where the goldfish has lived for 2 years, and nobody knows how, literally I think he’s a wizard fish
A home is where dog hair is not lint rolled because that baby will be rubbing all over it as soon as it’s cleaned.

A house is where no pets rome because they are messy
A house is where messy is bad

A home is where you may not always be alright
A home is where it’s okay to not be alright. There will always be tissues and arms waiting for you

A house is a painted smile

A home's walls full of messy fingerprints

A house reeks of new paint

A home is a couple twirling in the kitchen, love burning in their eyes, after 20 years of marriage

A house is a arm around a waist that looks like it doesn’t belong

A home is made of love

A house is made of concrete and steel

I'm sorry I haven't uploaded in a while
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  Feb 13  Vyscern
David Hewitt

The barbeque, it spat and it spitted
Friends outspoken, each-other outwitted
Steak slowly grilled, blackened to char
Taking advantage of hosts ‘open bar’
Green ‘stubbies’ that clinkered
Browned sausages tinkered, with the tongs
Of the chef, meat and bread fingered
On this late afternoon of warm enough climes
Smiles turns to laughter, anecdotes rhymed
Bowls of bright salads, Coleslaw ignored
Host proudly secures his ship to the shore
Mixing and mingling clucked old Mother Hen
Night time descends as do memories when,
Reflection of happiness, born of, not bought
Surrounded in love, both flying and caught

  Feb 13  Vyscern
Light House

We may tremble
..& be scared to die.
But at least it implies,
that in this moment ..we are alive.

  Feb 13  Vyscern
Light House

Frankenstein formed..
From his own chest
he pulled a stake
he now wields as
a sword.

He neither knocked,
nor was he invited.
Yet still, there he stood:
now, on the other
side of the door...

He had rammed & rammed
..splintering wood, split--ting
walnut & oak,, too,
all villainous hope.

“Evening,” he said,
dusting himself off
standing inside of
the house, in front
of the hole in
the wall, which
once acted as
a functioning
entrance & door.

Coming back to this.
May repost in a bit.
Need to let it stew for a moment.
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