Live your life happy. "Do what makes a better story"
Live your life happy. "Do what makes a better story"

There you have it.
5 months of wasted time.
5 months of lies and betrayal.
Should've known you had another.
I should've seen the signs.
But here I stand stronger than ever.
You're in my past where you'll stay forever.
I have my state, you keep yours.
Go back to your side lover...
because this is no longer  yours.

  Jan 26  Lilly MacArthur
kyle Shirley

I would be lonely if not for the moon,
Casting silhouette pictures into my room.
Who thought id have such gloom.
To have ghostly shadows fill my commune.

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  Jan 18  Lilly MacArthur
kyle Shirley

Maybe I saw right through those victimized eyes, and saw only what I wanted to see, a future.

I looked atop peaks and down in valleys to find the kind of girl I was searching for, only to find you.

I think we made both the pain of the past fade away,  for a night.

now it's back to our ways on our separate islands, Anyone can Visit, but no one can stay.

I don't bother telling this to your face, rejection blows.

who cares that in one night I bonded with a person's mind and body, not just sex for hire.

Maybe we will just let go before we even held on.

Why does it hurt when you say goodbye? Why do I wanna beg you to stay? Why am I now sitting here on the verge of tears because I feel like I've lost you? Why did it ever have to be this way?

Standing at a cross roads with my heart torn in two. Feeling each side pulling yet pushing me away. Falling to the ground and feeling hopeless and lost. No matter how many times I ask, they won't give me the answers.

It'll never be the same. That's what I keep saying to myself. Does it make it easier? No. Does it have to be this way? Apparently so. Saying "I'm sorry" just isn't enough...

It's not something you asked for
Its not something you can throw away

It's not there to draw attention
It's not there to be ignored

It's not a stamp on the forhead
It's not something you can control

It's not there for you to judge
It's not easy to manage

It's hard to handle
It's depression

Sharp as broken glass
Loud as the slamming doors
Soaked with the flowing tears
Trembling under the raised voice

To afraid to walk away
But not brave enough to stay
Staring in the mirror at my worst fear
Silent screams that you can't hear

Flinching like an abused pup
Running in circles just to catch up
Finding no way out of the labyrinth
Left... right... dead ends

Darkness falls
Breathing stops
Movement freezes
Voice silenced

All in the name of love

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Lilly MacArthur
Lilly MacArthur
Sep 22, 2016

I hate that everytime you text
My stomach turns and hurts.

I hate that everytime you snapchat
My chest feels like it burns.

I hate that everytime I hear Sinatra
I want to lay down and cry..

I hate what we've become
And that I feel it was all a lie.

I hate that it only took 3 days
To change everything between you and me.

I hate that it has been almost a month
But it's still taking me long to see.

I hate that I feel like I even lost you as a friend
But what is it that I hate the most?
Is that all good things come to an end.

#love   #broken   #sad   #anger   #hate   #alone   #hurt   #missing   #sinatra  
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