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Words are spells we weave out of the mysteries within, in hopes that our Will become reality. Choose your fate wisely.
Words are spells we weave out of the mysteries within, in hopes that our Will become reality. Choose your fate wisely.
Feb 1

Look both ways
Stop before you cross
Remember the days
Forget about your flaws
Try on their shoes
Feel, they're souls
Spirits speak truth
Water fills my bowl
See through my eyes
Light bringing fire
Every star dies
Whirling black pyre
Burning bushes whisper
What I command of man
To do unto others
Whatever Good you can.

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Jan 27

The Eyes
We see with our
Not what we need
But what we greed

My jagged teeth
Feed me bloodshed
My brain NEEDS it
By God as I pray
I'm being preyed upon

Do you taste my Soul?
Swallow my whole
Sucked down a black hole
Lets talk about how
None of this is even fucking real.

Practically real at least
Floating out in space
Existing as geometrical shapes
Shaded by our history
Trying to remember
How exactly light works?...

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Jan 21

Running fingers over the ridges of your rib cage
Sliding gently down your spine
Feelings linger over the bridges of time and age
Your beautiful eyes are divine.

Tightly woven fabrics define your curvature
Patterns carve out your mind
Brightly colored magicks entwine our pleasure
Tattered edges by design.

Dreadlocks twisting like branches from a tree
Matted blonde bow ties.
The shock that kissing you causes in me
Goosebumps couldn't lie.

Our time here, together, is sacred to me
I pray for daily reminding
Our childhood fears doused in good company
The Lovers light is shining.

Jan 16

I've been scared of saying "I love you"
Despite the feelings inside
Searching deep for words to define, but
Nothing rings quite as true as...

Spending our time on brews, and screws
Your movements are divine
Moments build and fall in line, but
Life has twisted me in two, like

A pair a wings that streak across blue
Or the sun and moon that shine,
Like a pair of shoes out on a hike, though
Rough terrain may hurt sometimes...
Through love we'll make it through.

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Jan 13

Evil strung across her face, flaring
Yellow eyes glaring with
Hunger in her sparkling smile
Fangs protruding waiting
Ever so patiently...

Im in terror.
She promises the end of me
As I turn to flee, helplessly
Weightless as gravity fails
I flail fighting the sky, but
To no avail...

I am alone now.
Left in the scaffolding
Its baffling, what was she?!
I can still hear her laughing?!
Why not just kill me?
Was I not prey? More of just a play thing?
Maybe...but still
Way up here, alone...
Im as good as dead.

Jan 6

Another day in the life
A shadow cast upon the earth
Cold atmosphere caresses your skin
Warm blood is the gift of birth
Iron flavor coats your tongue
Swallow the cum, for the next of kin
Begins again, and again, until
You learn life's final lesson.

Dec 26, 2016

Its been a day
No big deal, I mean
I just saw you yesteryear so
Please take some time to yourself

Its been another day
It'd be nice to see...
Well don't worry about me
I can put my life on the shelf for at least...

Another day goes by
Figures, guess Ill just get high
Its not like Id be doing anything
Differing my usual stream of tears

How long has it been?
Smoke fogs my memories
It seems like as soon as I get close
Time pushes me even further away.

Are we still...waiting?
To find out who you are?
Or was it me with the issues?
Its been so long since we touched I

I just don't remember your name.

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