South Carolina   
idle hands
idle hands
17 hours ago

I cross this bridge at night
on my way to work
And there's another one
across the water -- identical
And I always see a car
in the same spot as mine
diligently matching my pace
And there's a glint on his car
as if we both just saw each other
both made aware of the fact
that there is an imposter
on the other side

And I wonder who it is
if that is me in a different life
making better choices
going somewhere
he'd much rather be

  21h  idle hands
Midnight Rain
Midnight Rain
1 day ago

you stay away
from people because they hurt
you too much
and if you know that pain
all too well
then why did you
say the things you did
to me?

am i not human?
am i not like you, too?

you stitched the pain you felt
into me
weaving your words
of pure misery

if i could show you just how
deep the stone you threw at me
you would swim for eternity
trying to reach the bottom
of it

idle hands
idle hands
1 day ago

I have lost my muse
My frayed heart has blown its fuse
Nothing left to lose

idle hands
idle hands
2 days ago

I break what I touch.
My terrible affliction
of hands that shatter.

  3d  idle hands

A flower bothers not about its brief stay
Glows in the sun and enjoys the day.

idle hands
idle hands
3 days ago

I only bite
the ones that I know
so step inside
leave your bags
at the door
we won't be long

idle hands
idle hands
4 days ago

Let's have sex in the graveyard
and make the dead spectate
so they can commentate
on who's winning the fight
of tangled legs hemmed up
like vines on tombstone
making moans
that scare off the coyotes
who howl away in jealousy.

She said no btw
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