"I will never let your cloud go grey."
"I will never let your cloud go grey."
1 day ago

Come, cut all the ropes,
I'll show you how amazing
an endless fall is.

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1 day ago

Awkwardness is
             the signal
              to blast off
                   a rocket love.

Love 10w romance
3 days ago

Flow into my body like a gentle mist
let my goosebumps pretend that I resists
Pelt me kisses that I will miss
drown me wildly for I insists
Devour me entirely with your circular winds
take me to the seas of uncharted dreams
Even if catastrophic it may seems
i'll stay with you till the sunlight beams.

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  3d  Cloudphaser
3 days ago

The taste of broken flesh still
Floods my senses
When I hear your name
My lips begin to hurt
And my body
It aches
Deeply inside
Shrinking and coiling
My ears ring
Like a piercing
Shrill bell
Alarming me
Altering me
Forever I
Think I'll shake
When people feel too close
When my windows rattle
At night from the wind
When I wake startled
In the dark
Petrified screams
Clamour out from my lungs
So different than my past muffled gasps
Yet the feeling is the same
Fear is a constant companion of mine
In the sense that I realize
I haven't escaped it yet
You may not remember me
All the hurt you caused me
But I'll remember you
Nightmare after nightmare
You stole parts of me in a way
That they can never be returned
And now there is so much hate within
Sorrow has built a wall around me
And some of the bricks have
Of your sharp finger tips
Your stinging grasp
It haunts me in my sleep
And follows me like a dark shadow
In the sun's rays
I hope I'll over come this

  3d  Cloudphaser
beth stclair
beth stclair
3 days ago

in your love,
seas of eternal summer,
the sweetest fires of
the heart.

in your love
clouds like sweeping rivers
dark caves of storm,
gold magics as bright as a lamp.

in your love
a wish to hold me forever
desire so strong
that i submit to your will.

in your love
more love than than i can believe
emotions like the wildest seas
crazy desire
poetry that melts.

in your love
the winds of passion
summer breezes
light as a rose,
me fainting
with pleasure.

in your love
a love that will last forever
joys, beautiful in their rose-paper
seas so wild the wind blows.

in your love
your heart gold
my heart blue
emotions like dreams
so close the passion melts.

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4 days ago

Dont worry about going back
I''ll send my angel to watch your back
But if you'll grant me to send you back
I'll be delighted to carry you on my back

4 days ago

On your lips I taste paradise
                      that a swarm of butterflies desires.

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